Wednesday – April 23rd


‘A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence’ .- Leopold Stokowski


Woke up to the sound of young Zack practicing his violin. He sounds pretty good.

Breakfast at ‘Meals from the Heart’ at the market. I went for the oatmeal with raisins and walnuts plus juice. As close to a healthy breakfast as I have had this trip.

The weather is definitely heating up and the forecast is good for the start of Jazz Fest. Last year we froze over at the Fair Grounds (the site of the festival)

I decided to go back to the Botanica of Salvation to see if Sallie was back from her trip. I still have Kerri Simpson’s new C.D. for her. Saliie was indeed back and she was pleased to receive the gift from Kerri. This is the second time I have hand delivered a C.D. and she said I was more reliable than Fed Ex!

Inside the complex is an organic food market, a performance space and a Meditearan café called Fatoush. I good place to have a late lunch. On the special board was lamb shanks so I ordered those only to be told they didn’t have any. Next was lamb chops (I was hankering for some lamb) my order was taken and then the chef came out to say they were also off the menu, I was offered lamb shish kebab and went for it. I grabbed a newspaper to read while waiting for the meal. A few people came in and got served and then got their meals. About 45 minutes had gone by when I asked ‘how is the food going’. Opps my meal had been missed. They were very apologetic and bought me out a free soup. It looked good and I carefully tasted it so as to not burn the lips. It was stone cold but that was o.k. as it was a bowl of Cacik (cold yoghurt soup). My meal arrived shortly after and it was well worth the wait.

Back at the apartment I tuned in to the live Baseball on T.V. The Chicago Cubs (my team) had a 3 run lead over the Arizona Diamondbacks at the top of the 9th. Meaning that they needed 3 outs for the game. In baseball the home team (the Cubs) bat second. If they get the three outs and still lead they win and do not need to bat. I left in disgust when the Diamondbacks scored 4 runs to take the lead. By the way the Cubs colours are red, white and blue the same as the Bulldogs. They also have only ever won one World Series once back in the 30’s. They are celebrating their 150th year this very year. Why do I seem to always pick loosing sports teams?

I headed off to Lafayette Square for the free music. Paul Sanchez & the Rolling Thunder Review. I hung around for about an hour and then headed home

2 thoughts on “Lafayette Square(2)

  1. Hey Rob…Baz from Blues On The Hill radio in Melbourne….I have something you might be interested in…..I have emailed you my phone number..
    ..please ring

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