Day Forty Eight – Heading Home

Day Forty Eight – Heading Home

Last day in the U.S. of A. We still have one ‘must do’ thing and that is to ride the famous San Francisco cable car. We have booked a shuttle bus to take us to the airport at 1P.M. so we have time this morning to ride the car.

We have been told by locals that the best way to get on one on the cable cars is to avoid the two end stops. Every one that visits San Francisco will include a trip on the cable. In fact they are really just tourist rides as the locals do not use them at all. In peak holiday times there can be a two hour wait to catch a ride. They have an interesting way of loading on the people. At each of the end stops the cables are not loaded to capacity. One third of the seats and standing room available is left open for further stops down the line. We lined up at the next stop from the end. Unfortunately a number of cable cars just continued on and didn’t stop and those that did only picked up four people. We only had to wait about 20 minutes and we were off and running. The driver of the cable car works damn hard pulling and pushing the controls. The brakes themselves are wooden and are replaced every three days. You can smell the breaks burning when they are applied. Kate really wanted to stand on the outside running rail but she was not able to on the trip down to the waterfront. She was pretty disappointed. When we alighted at the end of the line the cable cars going back uptown where virtually empty, we decided to pay for another trip and go back the same way, after we did some last minute shopping. Last minute shopping meant me buying another two (much needed) t-shirts!

Kate and Wendy did indeed get to stand on the running rail on the way back uptown. The driver applies the brakes all the way down the steep hills, I would hate to wonder what speed we would get to if the brakes failed. On the way up the hills the cables strain to pull the car up. We were told a few days earlier that horses used to pull the cars up the hills but so many just dropped dead that they had to come up with a better solution.

Well we have completed all we had to do and we were picked up by our shuttle bus driver. Kate lost control of one of her suitcases down the hill as she walked toward the van. Now you may recall way back on our first taxi drive in New York on how scary it was. No way you could beat a New York taxi driver for crazy driving? Wrong we have an even crazier shuttle driver via Mexico City. He was good at telling us how bad other drivers were as he weaved his way in and out of traffic at break neck speed (in the middle of the city.) Once on the freeway he really put the foot down, Kate very quickly buckled up her seat belt nice at tight as he braked and she nearly end up front. We got to the airport in record time.

We had a short trip from San Francisco to Los Angles and then a five hour layover. That gave me enough time to get some blogging out of the way. The trip back to Melbourne was uneventful. We were so glad that we did not have to go via Sydney as we are all dog tired. It is so pleasing to see that we are only 20 minutes from landing in Melbourne (due in at 7:30 A.M.) However this trip had one more little surprise in store for us. An announcement came over that although we were so close to Melbourne that you could smell the Sherrin that we had to turn back to Sydney. The low cloud in Melbourne was stopping us from landing and we did not have enough fuel on board and for safety reasons had to go back to Sydney for more fuel. There were a lot of very unhappy people onboard but nothing could be done. We sat on the tarmac in Sydney for an hour (not allowed to leave the plane.) We finally made it is to Melbourne at 10:30.

So ends our seven week trip. New York, Orlando, Miami, New Orleans, Memphis and San Francisco. We all had a lot of fun and it was good to spend time with the girls showing them around New Orleans and Memphis and to visit cities that I had not seen before.

Day Forty Seven – Haight Ashbury

Day Forty Seven – Haight Ashbury

At last I have some money in my account. Let’s spend.

We are back on the bus at 11 o’clock for the ‘trip’ to Haight Ashbury. Bright blue skies and it feels a little warmer (but not t-shirt weather)
Today’s tour takes us down through very beautiful and vast San Francisco gardens. I did not realise how big the gardens where and if we had enough time we would have got off at one of the stops and explore the area by foot. Once through the gardens we headed down to the Pacific Ocean beach area which again had some stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge. We have been lucky on these last two days as very often the bridge is shrouded in fog. Man is was blowing down here as we alighted for a photo opportunity. Cold, yes sir. I heard a Scottish tourist remark that she was cold and that’s saying something coming from there.

We then headed back though the gardens for out next stop. Haight Ashbury. Forever in the history books as the home of the 60’s hippies and of course the Grateful Dead. All those old hippies of the 60’s are no longer here but there are a new breed of street people in the area. The shops have been gentrified but you can still see some evidence of this magical bygone era. Kate wanted a McDonald’s fix. As we approached the entrance I saw a new bred hippie with a couple of dollars in his hand. He told me he was 75 cents short for a hamburger. What the heck I had a pocket full of quarters which would very soon be of no use to me. He was oh so grateful when I gave him my loose change. Kate went an ordered her meal and I watched as my new hippie friend ordered his burger. Bugger me if he didn’t come back to me and offer back the quarters he did not need!

Amoeba records is just a few doors from Maccas and I headed there while Kaye ate. It is the biggest record store in the land and I was overwhelmed with what was on offer. I told you early about the Van Morrison album I found at 101 Records. Well here I found another two Van the Man favourites I have been searching for, the 1971 release ‘Tupelo Honey and 1972’s ‘Saint Dominic’s Preview.’ Both had out of print stickers on them.
Wendy and I also cut loose in a Doc Martin shoe store. My new Doc’s are a sight to behold and maybe the most outlandish boots I have ever had. Just you wait and see.

Back on the bus at 3:30 and an early dinner in China town. There is some serious packing to do as tomorrow we leave for home.

Day Forty Six – Hop On Hop Off

Day Forty Six – Hop On, Hop Off

I am up real early. I have to check my Travel Card balance. I got locked out of the account weeks ago due to too many log in tries. Now my account is sitting at $28 even though I transferred money from my Bank account a few weeks back. I have no money and the vagrancy laws are pretty tough here.

I did have enough for a coffee as I waited for the girls to get ready (see the recurring theme here)?

We walked around to Union Square to purchase a two day pass for the Hop On, Hop Off tourist buses. There are four tours included. No time limit and it is a perfect way to see this very hilly and beautiful city. Each route affords many predetermined stops so when you want to get off to explore a district you can. The tour starts across the road from the expensive and historical St Francis Hotel. The only hotel left in San Francisco where you can have all your change washed for you. The ladies of a century ago wore long white silk gloves and the last thing you wanted was to have your gloves dirtied by small change.

We went thought the district known as the ‘Tenderloin.’ During prohibition there were many speakeasies down this way. The law may have banned alcohol but the people sure did not. The local cops on this beat where of course on the payroll and because they had more money in their pockets they were able to afford a much better cut of meat for their dinner than the cops on other beats who had to settle for hamburger!

We passed City Hall, a very impressive building whose dome is taller than Washington’s. The dome is bedecked in gold leaf and sparkles in the morning sun. Our very informative and funny tour guide told us to note that there was no bird poop on the dome. He said there are two caretakers that live 24/7 in the domes roof and they are named, Grace and Kelly (a pair of Peregrine Falcons.) Also of interest is that the building is not attached to the ground. After the damage of the 1989 earthquake the building (an entire block) was lifted off the ground by four enormous cranes. The building now sits on rollers and can move four feet either way when the next big shake occurs.

We passed an exclusive male- only club by the name of the Bohemian Club. Every U.S. President has been a member of this club. If Hilary Clinton makes the White House then there will be some sort of a problem to resolve. We headed past the Dragon Gates of Chinatown (near our hotel.) They are the only authentic Chines Gates in the U.S. and feature a jade tiles on the roof.

We finished up back at Fisherman’s wharf and explored the rest of the attractions and shops. We got a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge when we joined the bus tour again. If you are up to it you can walk the bridge which borders the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. The bridge is designed to sway up to 27 feet left and right during an earthquake.

Our tour today also takes us across the famous bridge. It is hold on to your hat time as the wind up on the bridge is howling (and cold). We are heading to the beautiful bay hamlet of Sausalito. Stunning views of San Francisco and very expensive property. Lovely shops and restaurants. Robin Williams lived and died in his home just a few miles from here.

We had a late lunch of fish and chips and were back on the bus by 3 o’clock.

Our tour guide told us that there are 10 distinct micro climates in the Bay area that I can believe. On the way back into San Francisco we listened to Scott McKenzie’s iconic hippie era hit and Otis Readings ‘Sitting on the Dock of the Bay.’ Very appropriate although we reminded that no smoking was the rule on the bus, even medical marijuana!

We caught up with Ann, Jeanette and Mike (WOW regulars) for drinks on Nob Hill at the exclusive hotel Top of the Mark. Unfortunately for me this meant another trek up another very steep hill. It was worth it though as the Bar is located on the 18th floor and the panoramic views of San Francisco are breath taking.

We all decided to have dinner at an Italian Restaurant (in Little Italy) which was cool and then walked a short distance to a dive bar (the Saloon.) It is hard to find some blues music in this town and Mr. Google said this bar was the best for the blues. Well it wasn’t. The bar made some of the dives in New Orleans look classy. It certainly didn’t have the good vibes of New Orleans bars. We stayed for a short time then said our goodbyes and headed home.

Day Forty Five – Alcatraz

Day Forty Five – Alcatraz

Up at 9:30 for a coffee and donut across the road at Starbucks while the girls get ready for our first full day in San Francisco.

Today we are going to Alcatraz. Kate has her map app up and running and told me that it is only a half hour walk to the ferry terminal! Maybe that is true on a flat wicket but this is San Francisco and no way is it a 30 minute walk. Against my better judgement I have been talked into walking. The temperature is somewhat cooler than New Orleans and Memphis. Around the 15 degrees Celsius. Windy, wow, you know what it can be like in Collins Street when you get that cold gale blowing, well San Fran is a lot like that (all over). Believe it or not there are many bike riders around this city. Up- hill you are up on your peddles, puffing like an old steam train, the next minute you are flying downhill like Cadel Evans. I am sure the girls were trying to kill me. Thirty minute walk my arse, even a mountain goat would have protested.

We finally made the wharf. Luckily we had booked our tickets for the tour on-line as a sign reads that all tours for the day had been sold. There is already a long queue waiting to board the ferry for the eleven o’clock tour. One of the tour people saw my cane and insisted that we sit down and that we will be ushered into the front of the line once boarding commences. I feel a little embarrassed with the excellent service but Kate is rather pleased with the special treatment.

We got to sit right up front of the ferry on the top deck, it was cold but sure gave us a great view of ‘the rock’ as we approached. The view of San Francisco is not shabby either.

‘Break the rules and you go to prison, break the prison rules and you go to Alcatraz.’

Once we landed we were greeted by a Ranger who gave us a brief history of Alcatraz and then told us that there is no time limit to the tour. Ferries come every half hour and you can take your time. I must say it is one of the best tours I have ever been on. You stroll around the island and slowly make your way to the top of the rock where the main cell house is located. The tour features audio and it is a fascinating insight into this hell on water. I can’t imagine how cold it would have been here in winter. The girls went crazy in the gift shop. The island is alive with nesting birds and at this time of the year. We spent well over two hours looking around before heading back.

Back at the wharf and it is only a five minute walk to the famous Pier 39 where there are many clothing stores and of course the famous restaurants serving the freshest of seafood. We found a cool shop selling terrific tote bags and I just had to have one. Kate then located Club Tattoo where she had some stretching done to her ear lobes and I had a new ear ring put in. Not many fathers would have their daughter pay for a new ear ring.
Alongside the pier there are hundreds of sea lions lazing on man- made wooden structures. A sight (and smell to behold). The sea lions used to live on seal rock but moved after the 1989 earthquake. They are now a huge tourist attraction.
Hunger was calling and we opted for the Pier Market restaurant. Crab cakes and then of course a serve of the world renown clam chowder. Delicious.

Being a glutton for punishment I said I was up for the walk back to our hotel. Even though I again nearly expired we found a great record shop (101 Music) on our way back. A record shop stacked to the rafters with all sorts of goodies. Kate had never seen so many cassette tapes in one place. The guy running the business looked and sounded like an old hippie from the 60’s. I struck gold. I have been trying to get a C.D. copy of Van Morrison’s 1970 release ‘His Band and Street Choir’ for a while now. I have the album on L.P. I believe that Van ‘the man’ was at his productive best in the first few years of the 70’s. Well I found it and it only cost $4.99 U.S.

All in all a great day in San Francisco. By the way I have been told by a local that under no circumstances do you call the bay- city Frisco. It is an automatic $25 fine!

Day Forty Four – San Francisco

Day Forty Four – San Francisco

We are up at 6:30 for a flight to San Francisco leaving at 9:30. On the way to the airport we are hit by a very heavy thunder storm. Our taxi driver is talking on his phone and saying to the person on the other end, ‘it’s hard to see anything!’ The last time I caught a flight out of Memphis we also got hit by a storm that shut down the airport for 3 hours. We are not flying direct to Memphis and we have to go via Dallas. Our connection time for Dallas is a very short time after we arrive so any delay will be a problem. Kate wants to know why they would fly a plane in this weather, good question and we are about to find out. As it turns out we left Memphis on time.

The flight was as they say ‘a little bumpy.’ We had to complete three big loops outside of Dallas due to the back log of planes waiting to land due to the storms. We finally got the o.k. to land in Dallas and it was more than ‘a little bumpy.’ We were on the ground just as our connecting flight was due to take off. The pilot told us a few minutes before that he thought most connecting flight would also be delayed. When we were able to ask an American airlines attendant she told us that our connecting flight has already loaded and she doubted we would make it. Bummer, not only that the airport is so big that we needed to get the Sky Train just to get to the correct terminal. To our surprise the plane was still sitting on the ground and we were the last of four passengers to board. Whew, now we can take-off. No we had to sit on the tarmac for another hour due to the back log.
Uneventful flight into San Francisco. The girls had to check their carry on luggage for the flight. We were worried that those smaller bags might have been delayed. No need to worry about that as none of our bags have arrived. Wendy completed the paper-work for lost baggage. Kate is worried that she may never see her make-up again.

We got a cab to China Town where our hotel was located (the Astoria.) We booked there due to it’s close proximity to Union Square and because everything else was so expensive. I have since learned that San Francisco has become the most expensive U.S. city to live in having just surpassed New York.
We finally arrived at the hotel after battling huge traffic jams. The hotel is very plain looking (to say the least) and when we finally got to our room there was a very audible groan from the girls. Five star it ain’t nor any number in between of one. The T.V. is so old that it does not have a remote and Kate does not know how to turn it on. We have a desk (as advertised) but no chair. Wendy said we should go somewhere else but why bother. The sheets are clean and the bathroom is o.k. The good thing about the lost baggage is that you are able to track its where about online. We have found out that our bags should arrive on the next flight and that around four hours after that they will be delivered to our hotel.

We are all pretty spent not only from today but also the last six weeks is catching up. Time to go out and have a quick look at San Francisco and get something to eat. Although our hotel is pretty s0-so we are just one road crossing from some very exclusive shops.
We found a diner (Loris) and I ordered a New York steak sandwich. The food was pretty ordinary to say the least. The bill came and they had already added on an 18% gratuity and also noted that we could leave a tip. Now I know from past experience that the norm is to add an 18% gratuity if you are in a party of six or more (not three.) Some places hear the foreign accent and see how far they can con the tourist. Wendy crossed out the 18% tip. She will have to wait to see her statement I guess.

Rob Rowe

DAy Forty Three _ Ribs

Day Forty Three – Ribs

After yesterdays huge day and night I struggled to get out of bed this morning. The girls have decided to head to the Wolf Chase Mall which is a 45 minute drive from downtown. Not for me and I am going to lounge around. Not only are they going shopping for more ‘stuff’ they also have to buy another suitcase to get said ‘stuff’ back home.

I had lunch at De Javu (correct spelling). They specialise in New Orleans soul food. See I am missing it already. The Chef moved up from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and this is the second very successful restaurant that he has established in Memphis.
I just wandered around a bit and watched some T.V. until the girls came back laden with ‘stuff’ and the new suit case. We cannot possibly leave Memphis without having some of it’s world famous barbeque (read ribs.) The most famous of the restaurants serving ribs in downtown Memphis is Rendezvous, just around the corner from our hotel. I was not sure that Kate would try this finger licking pork delicacy. To my surprise she shared a half rack of ribs with Wendy and woofed them down like an good southern belle.

Early night for us as tomorrow we fly to our final destination, San Francisco.

Rob Rowe

Day Forty Two – Graceland/Sun Studios/Blues Awards

Day Forty Two – Graceland/Sun Studios/Blues Awards

Apologies first, I am a week behind with the blog and I am at this very moment sitting at San Francisco airport writing madly to finish the recording of our adventures.

Kate informed me this morning (Weds 13/5 local ) that my Facebook page has been hacked. She is replying to all the friend requests supposedly sent by me with the details. Why would anyone want to hack me? Have I become famous, do I have an unknown enemy. News for Mr/Mrs. Hacker, if you assume my identity you can also take over my debt which after this 7 week trip has grown somewhat.

Anyway back to Day forty-two.  We caught a cab to Graceland and did the tourist thing. This is my third visit and I was not going to go on the tour. However since my last visit the experience has been upgraded. Last time I was here you were given an audio tour headphone set to walk you through Elvis’s home. This time not only did you get the headphones you also got an IPAD which made the tour interactive. It sure made the tour a lot more interesting, not that it was not interesting last time around. There are a lot of old people lining up for the shuttle over to Graceland. Surely I am not that old looking. Many of the ‘fans’ have on I love Elvis tshirts. One old rocker has a tattoo of Elvis on his arm. There are a lot of poms making the pilgrimage All in all it was once again a lot of fun and I think the girls enjoyed it.

We got the cab driver to drop us off at Sun Studios. Again this is my third visit but what the heck. For my non music friends, Sun Studios is the legendary spot where Elvis first recorded. Before that though the likes of B.B.King, Howlin’ Wolf and many other blues legends cut discs here. Also Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins raised a little hell in this studio. We went on the tour to have a look at some of the memorabilia and then we went down to the studio itself. This is not just a museum as the studio is still used today. Young rock artists that want to get that authentic 50’s sound still record here. The tour guide was funny and informative (wish I could remember his name.) As the tour was about to finish I told him that this was my third visit. He then said (I promise this is true) ‘I thought you looked very knowledgable!’ He added that I should hang around until all the tourists left and he would show us around the actual recording booth. This is not part of any tour and it was very exciting for me to look out on the recoding studio floor, from the very spot that Sam Phillips recorded the above mentioned legends.

We walked back to the hotel for a rest and then showered and got ready for the Blues Awards. This night is the most important awards night for blues recording artists. It was once called the W.C.Handy Awards and it is the equivalent of the Grammys. Way Out West are members of the Memphis Blues Foundation and so we are allowed to attend the night. The party started at 5:30 with drinks and live music in the foyer of the convention centre. I thought I recognised the voice of the solo acoustic performer on stage when we arrived. I was right as it was Austin ‘Walkin Cane,’ who I saw perform a few years back at the Broadbeach Blues Festival. There are over 1500 people who attend the awards night. It is a very long night and goes to after midnight. Some of the artists who performed where: Charlie Musslewhite, Kenny Wayne Shephard, Keb Mo, Eric Bibb, John Hammond, Elvin Bishop and many other great performers. I spoke to my New Orleans friend, the great saxophonist Jimmy Carpenter who has been nominated for best instrumental (saxophone) performer of the year. We also caught up with Brian Wise and his touring party. I also ran into Watermelon Slim in the foyer and he remembered his WOW gig.

Many of the current blues hall of fame artists graced the stage for a round of applause. How is this Way Out West punters, on stage were Charlie Musslewhite, John Hammond and Big Jay McNeely and all of those legends have performed on our humble stage. You can also throw in Joe Louis Walker as another Blues Hall of Fame recipient who has been Way Out West. You can check out all this years winners at
Each year at these awards, time is put away to remember those that have passed in the last 12 months. This year we have lost among many others: Johnny Winter, Lynwood Slim, Big Chief Bo Dollis, Cosimo Matassa, Percy Sledge, Bobby Womack, Jack Bruce, Ben E. King and Robert Wolfman Belfour. We left the awards night at around 11 o’clock and walked back to the hotel.

Now that is what I call a big day.

Rob Rowe

Day Forty One – National Civil Rights Museum

Day Forty One – National Civil Rights Museum

Blues Idiom – Hokum – A lighthearted subcategory of urban blues called Hokum was popular in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s.Hokum songs were uptempo, funny and on the raunchy side. Songs like, ‘Please Warm My Weiner,’ relied heavily on double entendre and were about sex, drugs, or some illicit combination thereof.

We are out and about exploring Beale Street by mid morning. Beale Street is world renowned for it’s blues music clubs and bars. I noticed straight away that the music and eating houses have extended further down Beale Street. A good sign that things are looking up. Last time I was in the downtown part of Memphis it seemed like it was struggling.
We had a feed at around 11 at Miss Polly’s. I went for steak and eggs and sweet iced tea.

Our aim today was to got to the National Civil Rights Museum located at the site of the Lorraine Motel, the infamous and now sacred Motel where the Reverend Martin Luther King Jnr. Was assassinated This is my third visit to the museum. I always get very moved when I look over the exhibits, that explore the history of slavery, jim crow law* and the civil rights movement. The museum has been remodelled and is even better that the last time I was here. It really is a must visit for anyone that comes to the U.S.A. In the interim check out

I am sure the girls found their visit very moving and at the same time inspiring. Next we walked back to Sth Main Street which is a mall of 7 to8 blocks. I want to go and pick up our Blues Foundation Awards night tickets for tomorrow night. The tickets can be picked up at the Convention Centre. As I mentioned earlier, how I was pleased to see the improvements of Beale Street, even now more so for the Mall. There are a lot of new businesses opened and the place just feels more vibrant. I have yet to see a pan-handler or have I been hit up for a spare dollar. We got our tickets and can now relax.
I did not want to tell the girls about the normal Wednesday night motor bike showcase that happens on Beale St just after dusk. Better for them to get a huge surprise just as I did some 5 years ago. We walked down to have a drink and a meal and as we turned onto Beale we were greeted with hundreds of incredible motor bikes all lovingly cared for and tricked out to impress. The parade of bikes is even bigger than the last time I was in town and now extends for two whole blocks.

We called into the Rum Boogie bar for some refreshment. Hanging from the ceiling are hundreds of guitars signed by famous musicians.
We walked both sides of Beale and took in the sights. I wanted to go back into the Rum Boogie for some music, a feed and a drink. The time is now 8:30 and I can’t get into any licensed premises as I don’t have my I.D. with me. Struck the same deal in New Orleans. The bouncers are very apologetic as they can see that I am well past 21 however if the authorities come into check patrons I.D. and it can’t be produced then the owners cop a $10,000 fine. Maybe this is having the desired impact of keeping out the not so nice people that come into town to work over the tourists?

We decided to go around the corner to the Flying Saucer bar and grill (no I.D. needed here.) Over 200 beers on tap. You can become a member of the UFO club. Once you have tasted 200 beers (not in one night mind you) then you become a ‘BEERKNURD’ which gets you a brass plate in the ring of honour (on the ceilings and walls). I had a couple of very tasty porters to go with the cheesy jalapeno fries I ordered.

*Jim Crow so named after white minstrels who black faced in the early part of last century. Many slaves were called Jim and crows are black. These so called entertainers would act as buffoons and make a mockery of the African American population. The laws that came in after the abolishment of slavery (segregation, separate but not equal) became known as Jim Crow laws. It is not just a bit of harmless fun as some people I know have said to me about whites black facing at parties or in comedy skits. It is highly offensive and show ignorance.

Rob Rowe

Day Forty – New Orleans to Memphis

Day Forty – New Orleans to Memphis

Blues Idiom – Yas Yas – Used as a rhyming substitute for ‘ass,’ Yas-Yas-Yas has appeared in Hokum Blues from the 1920’s, such as Tampa Red’s big hit, ‘ The Duck Yas Yas Yas.’ Memphis Minnie sang in ‘New Dirty Dollar:’
‘Now the funniest thing I ever seen, tom cat jumping on a sewing machine,
Sewing machine ran so fast, took ninety-nine stitches in his yas yas yas.’

Lucky I checked the departure time of the train. I though it was 2 P.M. when it is really 1:45 P.M. Stew picked us up and we loaded out suitcases in his car. Said goodbye to Mickey and off we went to the station. It is only a ten minute drive. Checked in using my tablet and the downloaded train ticket.
We were talking as we waited in line and the guy in front of us asked where we were from. Turns out he is from Sydney.

No trouble getting a good seat on the second tier of our carriage, which will give us a good view of the county side. The journey takes a little over 8 hours and we are due into Memphis at around 10:15 P.M.
Plenty of time to catch up on some reading and listen to music and watch the world go by. Hunger called and we went to the dining car. I ordered a ‘genuine’ angus cheese burger. The lady behind the jump got a prepared burger out of the fridge and microwaved it. Lucky it tasted better than it looked. First time though that I have eaten a burger that sagged.

We pulled into the station right on time and had a short wait to get a cab. Once we checked in and got settled it was to late to go out exploring downtown Memphis. We have booked to stay at the Holiday Inn on Union street which is just two blocks from the world famous Beale Street.

Rob Rowe

Day Thirty Nine – Last Day In New Orleans

Day Thirty Nine – Last Day In New Orleans

Blues Idiom – Woofing, Woof Ticket, Wolf Ticket – Woofing is verbally nimble teasing and name calling; although in today’s rap it’s used more often to mean bragging. It’s competitive but not rough, like poking fun at somebody

I spent most of the day catching up with the blog. Last full day in New Orleans always leaves me a little flat knowing that if the cards don’t fall right I may never be back again. The girls have gone out for some last minute shopping.

Wendy reminded me that we had planned to head to the Louisiana Music Factory on Frenchman street around 5:30 to catch the last instore performance of the series featuring Eric Lindell. While the girls waited out front of the store I went and got myself a beer. Kate said that she spotted a guy that she did not recognise walking down Frenchman wearing a 2012 WOW tshirt. We caught up with Jan and Fras and listened to Eric’s one hour set. Eric is a real nice guy and both Fras and I bought the latest C.D. release ‘The Sun and the Sea,’ and had Eric sign the cover. I gave Eric my WOW contact details and hopefully one day we may get to see him at the club.

Stew and Carol have also come down to the instore performance to see us before we go. We all went to Mona’s (Jan and Fras as well) for a feed and a chat. Then headed down to Cafe Du Monde for Kate’s last taste of a beignet. Stew has very kindly offered to pick up up tomorrow and drive us to the Amtrak Rail Station for out trip by train to Memphis.

Rob Rowe