Day Thirty Nine – Last Day In New Orleans

Blues Idiom – Woofing, Woof Ticket, Wolf Ticket – Woofing is verbally nimble teasing and name calling; although in today’s rap it’s used more often to mean bragging. It’s competitive but not rough, like poking fun at somebody

I spent most of the day catching up with the blog. Last full day in New Orleans always leaves me a little flat knowing that if the cards don’t fall right I may never be back again. The girls have gone out for some last minute shopping.

Wendy reminded me that we had planned to head to the Louisiana Music Factory on Frenchman street around 5:30 to catch the last instore performance of the series featuring Eric Lindell. While the girls waited out front of the store I went and got myself a beer. Kate said that she spotted a guy that she did not recognise walking down Frenchman wearing a 2012 WOW tshirt. We caught up with Jan and Fras and listened to Eric’s one hour set. Eric is a real nice guy and both Fras and I bought the latest C.D. release ‘The Sun and the Sea,’ and had Eric sign the cover. I gave Eric my WOW contact details and hopefully one day we may get to see him at the club.

Stew and Carol have also come down to the instore performance to see us before we go. We all went to Mona’s (Jan and Fras as well) for a feed and a chat. Then headed down to Cafe Du Monde for Kate’s last taste of a beignet. Stew has very kindly offered to pick up up tomorrow and drive us to the Amtrak Rail Station for out trip by train to Memphis.

Rob Rowe

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