Day Thirty Eight – Jazz Fest Last Day

Blues Idiom – Trick,Trick Bag – To trick someone is to put a spell on him or her. A trick bag is used to curse someone, although the phrase ‘trick bag’ has come to mean any unpleasant situation one has been placed into by another person. Whereas ‘mojo’ and ‘gris gris’ bags can be used for protection or a curse.

Well we are nearly there. Last day of Jazz Fest. Today we have to get to Iggy’s by 9:30 as Mike is cooking up a large pot of Crawfish Monica. Everyone is welcome to eat as much as he or she can. I had three small bowls. The other night Mike gave Wendy his recipe which has been recorded in my travelogue. The Crawfish Monica was delectable.

We were settled in early at the Blues tent for Guitar Slim Jnr, a great set of blues and Kate was impressed. The girls are going to stay in the tent all day. I took a break to go over to see Feufolliet at the Fais Do Do stage. They had a great write up in a local magazine. A new breed of cajun music, still with a traditional feeling. Very good indeed.

I found the tent that sells the live recordings and purchased the 2014 compilation (3 C.D.’s) plus the live recording of this years festival (Eric Lindell and Cowboy Mouth.) They will be good memories of Jazz Fest.

The girls got to see Ironing Board Sam and his theatrics, including his drummer setting his sticks on fire while still using them.
I was back in time for Glen David Andrews a very entertaining (as always) set. You don’t get to relax when you see Glen David as we all become part of the performance. Cyrille Neville came on stage and joined in for ‘Hey, Pocky Way.”I had a chat to Glen David’s Manager, Kimball Packard who I met on my three month sojourn. Kimbo told me that Glen David may be touring Australia later in the year and he gave me his business card to keep in touch!

Next on the bill was the legendary Buckwheat Zydeco and man did he put on  a show. I wanted to go out and catch Steve Winwood. I went to the wrong stage at the wrong time and saw a few songs from Lenny Kravitz. What a mistaka to maka! I don’t get what all the fuss is about with Lenny Kravitz?
Got back to the Blues tent for Tab Benoit and his band. Another of Wendy’s Louisiana boy friends. We are front row and not about to leave as the closing act is none other than Buddy Guy.

Buddy came on to raptured applause and prowled the stage like a man half his age. We have been getting reports through that B.B. King is not well at all and is back in hospice care. Buddy and B.B go way back. I know that Buddy plays up to the crowd with his tricks and that he also has a mighty fine young gun slinger to help him out. That takes nothing away from his dynamic guitar playing nor his still strong vocals. He demands your attention while at the same time making you part of the performance. As is the norm he got off stage to get in among the crowd. We were blown away when he stopped right in front of us. I was so close I could smell his cologne. He turned and sang straight to Kate who recorded it on her phone! Beat that Mr. Smith.

We got back to Iggy’s, tired but happy. I was the one that piked as just to tired for a final beer at our local bar. We went around and said goodbye to all our new found friends and was told that we had to come back next year. If it is alright by the WOW committee I want to make the Iggy crew honory members of Way Out West, for the hospitality they all have show us and that of course includes Gentilly Jnr (who yesterday was wearing his WOW tshirt), Pat, Stew and Carol

Rob Rowe

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