Day Thirty Seven – Jazz Fest Day Six

Blues Idiom – Stones In Passway – A passway is a path frequented by an intended hoodoo victim, such as the path to a person’s doorstep. Spreading ‘goofer dust’ or something similarly noxious on the passway places a curse on the person who steps on it.

The girls are not going early to the fair grounds today. It does catch up to you after a while. Me I am a seasoned festival goer and I can fight through the pain.

I got to Iggy’s just as (two doors down) one of New Orleans Mardi Gras Indian tribes were packing their truck with all their finery. They are performing at Jazz Fest today and are having a mini party on the sidewalk.

My meal this morning was Jamaican chicken, rice and veggies (yes veggies)

I sat outside of the blues tent for a while and listened to the New Orleans R’n’B divas (including the Dixie Cups) singing all their hits.
Went and sat in the shade at the Langiappe stage and had a listen to the Cardinal Sons. The girls arrived at 2:15 and we met up at WWOZ.

One of today’s must sees is the Royal Southern Brotherhood with special guest Samantha Fish. Charlie Wooten is the bass man and he is very good friends with Geoff and Michelle Achison. Michelle told me last year that if I can I was to say hi to Charlie. Well I did get to say hi and he said to send his regards to the Achisons and that Royal Southern may be touring Oz in the fall (our spring.) Make sure you keep an eye out for that tour.

We are now front row for Aaron Neville and he put on a fantastic show. Opened up with a tribute to his very good friend and soul legend Ben E.King who passed a few days ago. Sure was great to be up so close to the performance. We even had a medley of ‘Down By the Riverside and When the Saints Go Marching In’ with everyone in the crowd singing along. “Who Dat, Who Dat, Say They Gonna Beat Them Saints?.

We were in the shuttle bus on the way back to Iggy’s when my life flashed before my eyes. As we approached an intersection, where we had right of way, a woman sped (and I mean sped) through a stop sign. If not for some real good driving we would have smashed into the side of the car.

We got to Iggy’s and Gentilly Jnr and Pat were waiting for us. We had a great time having a drink with our special friends. Kate had a vodka and red bull. She was a bit tipsy after her second drink but I must remember that if they bar person likes you then there is no such thing as a standard measure. I had to apologise to the owner Big Dave when Wendy and Kate started singing to the Juke Box which was playing Men At Work. Somehow we got talking about New Orleans insects and Gentilly Jnr said: ‘Did you hear about the termite who walked into a bar and asked is the bar tender here?’ Boom,Boom.
Little Dave (part owner of Iggy’s) phoned Aussie Mark Jackson at his bar in St Bernards Parish. You may recall that we went to a crawfish boil there a few weeks back. I spoke to Mark on the phone. He told me that he finished his vegemite in two days and thanked us for the gift. We will leave another tube with Big Dave to give to Mark.

Rob Rowe

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