Day Forty Seven – Haight Ashbury

At last I have some money in my account. Let’s spend.

We are back on the bus at 11 o’clock for the ‘trip’ to Haight Ashbury. Bright blue skies and it feels a little warmer (but not t-shirt weather)
Today’s tour takes us down through very beautiful and vast San Francisco gardens. I did not realise how big the gardens where and if we had enough time we would have got off at one of the stops and explore the area by foot. Once through the gardens we headed down to the Pacific Ocean beach area which again had some stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge. We have been lucky on these last two days as very often the bridge is shrouded in fog. Man is was blowing down here as we alighted for a photo opportunity. Cold, yes sir. I heard a Scottish tourist remark that she was cold and that’s saying something coming from there.

We then headed back though the gardens for out next stop. Haight Ashbury. Forever in the history books as the home of the 60’s hippies and of course the Grateful Dead. All those old hippies of the 60’s are no longer here but there are a new breed of street people in the area. The shops have been gentrified but you can still see some evidence of this magical bygone era. Kate wanted a McDonald’s fix. As we approached the entrance I saw a new bred hippie with a couple of dollars in his hand. He told me he was 75 cents short for a hamburger. What the heck I had a pocket full of quarters which would very soon be of no use to me. He was oh so grateful when I gave him my loose change. Kate went an ordered her meal and I watched as my new hippie friend ordered his burger. Bugger me if he didn’t come back to me and offer back the quarters he did not need!

Amoeba records is just a few doors from Maccas and I headed there while Kaye ate. It is the biggest record store in the land and I was overwhelmed with what was on offer. I told you early about the Van Morrison album I found at 101 Records. Well here I found another two Van the Man favourites I have been searching for, the 1971 release ‘Tupelo Honey and 1972’s ‘Saint Dominic’s Preview.’ Both had out of print stickers on them.
Wendy and I also cut loose in a Doc Martin shoe store. My new Doc’s are a sight to behold and maybe the most outlandish boots I have ever had. Just you wait and see.

Back on the bus at 3:30 and an early dinner in China town. There is some serious packing to do as tomorrow we leave for home.

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