Day Forty Three – Ribs

After yesterdays huge day and night I struggled to get out of bed this morning. The girls have decided to head to the Wolf Chase Mall which is a 45 minute drive from downtown. Not for me and I am going to lounge around. Not only are they going shopping for more ‘stuff’ they also have to buy another suitcase to get said ‘stuff’ back home.

I had lunch at De Javu (correct spelling). They specialise in New Orleans soul food. See I am missing it already. The Chef moved up from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and this is the second very successful restaurant that he has established in Memphis.
I just wandered around a bit and watched some T.V. until the girls came back laden with ‘stuff’ and the new suit case. We cannot possibly leave Memphis without having some of it’s world famous barbeque (read ribs.) The most famous of the restaurants serving ribs in downtown Memphis is Rendezvous, just around the corner from our hotel. I was not sure that Kate would try this finger licking pork delicacy. To my surprise she shared a half rack of ribs with Wendy and woofed them down like an good southern belle.

Early night for us as tomorrow we fly to our final destination, San Francisco.

Rob Rowe

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