Day Thirty – Day Two Jazz Fest

Day Thirty – Jazz Fest Day Two
Blues Idiom – Hoochie Coochie, Hootchie Cootchie – Coochie (also spelled Cootchie) is slang for ‘vagina.’ Hoochie (also spelled Hootchie) is slang for ‘whore’ or ‘hooker.’ A Hoochie- Choochie dancer is a stripper and a Hoochie – Coochie man is a pimp.

We got to Iggy’s just after the first shuttle had left. No problems as it will be back in 15 minutes. Time for a coke and a review of who (no pun intended) is on the bill for the second day of Jazz Fest. I was talking to a local about yesterday’s storms and as bad as they were he said we missed the worst of it. Just south of us the winds got up to 80MPH (129 KPH) plus heavy hail stones. It is hot and steamy (as usual) but the rain is staying away, for now.

When we got to the festival gate we were able to walk straight in. Already my tshirt is sticking to my back. I had to get something to eat and went for a favourite of mine Yaka Mein, a Vietnamese noodle soup with extra hot sauce added. Kate said I was crazy eating hot soup in the heat. She may be right but it does taste oh so good. Next a quick call into WWOZ for some fruit salad and iced coffee. WWOZ are broadcasting live from the hospitality tent and Washboard Chaz is being interviewed. He has on a gray tshirt and it is wringing wet with perspiration. If the locals are sweating this much then imagine how we are feeling.

We headed to the Gentilly Stage for Tommy Malone. Tommy is a great singer songwriter and he was also in the legendary New Orleans band the Suddudes. I like him a lot but he may be ‘to slow and meaningful’ for the girls.

We could see the weather closing in once again and made a dash for the safety of WWOZ. Rain and wind of biblical proportions and the tent quickly filled to bursting with punters seeking shelter. The volunteer staff closed up all the flying flaps and we sat out the storm in near darkness (it is only 1:15.) After about 45 minutes the rain relented just a little and we made a quick dash for the Blues tent. The music has continued in the various tents around the festival.

We saw the incredible Mali blues master Vieux Farka Toure. I volunteered to go out in the elements for beignets and chocolate milk for Kate. Before I lined up for the fried dough I walked over to the outdoor Acura stage to see if the scheduled music was still in progress. I was on the race track when I was stopped by the officials as the waived through 4 black limos. The first limo had Roger Daltrey riding up front and the second Pete Townsend. That was cool watching rock royalty drive by.

I found where the Iggy’s crew had set up. They had weathered the storm and were waiting for the Who to perform.

Back in the Blues tent and local slide guitar wizard Sonny Landreth was firing up. Sonny as always was mesmerizing It was getting close to the start time for the Who. The holy trinity of British rock who took America by storm was of course, the Beatles, the Stones and the Who. I am ashamed to say that I have never seen the Who play live. I was going out in whatever the conditions to fix that aberration, to my surprise both Wendy and Kate were also keen.
We trudged through the mud with Kate complaining that she was wearing $20 socks. She then nearly lost a Nike in a small patch of quick sand.
We found our friends and settled in for a sensational show. Roger Daltrey’s voice was so powerful and Townsend’s playing superb. Hit after hit with the crowd singing along. What a buzz. Kate said it must have been like Woodstock with the Who on stage,the mud and the smell of weed. Must ask her how come she knows what weed smells like.

We finished off leaving the stage around 6:30 and caught three songs from the Robert Cray band. He was really good as well.

A great day despite what the elements threw at us.

Rob Rowe

Day Thirty One – Jazz Fest Day Three

Day Thirty One – Day Three Jazz Fest
Blues Idiom – Jelly, Jelly Roll is a dessert made of sponge cake that has been spread with jam (or jam and cream) and rolled up into a log. Jelly Roll is also one of many evocotive culinary euphanisms for female genitalia heard in the blues. Men sing about wanting to taste a good jelly roll, while Bessie Smith bragged ‘ Nobody in town can bake a sweet jelly roll like mine.’

We made Iggy’s just as the shuttle was about to leave. I must correct the last few blogs in that Mark is really named Mike. Anyway Mike was telling his stories on the drive over. He used to live on the Point (Algiers) and lived in an old Insane Asylum that had been converted to apartments. He also worked at a bar known localy as the ‘murder room.’ He said that before you could enter the bar you had to prove that you has a current will!
This mornings breakfast at Jazz Fest for me was duck and shrimp pasta. May have to send home for an emergency delivery of gout tablets. As we were walking to the entry gates Kate got stopped and was asked if she could have her tattoos photographed. She was happy to do so but forgot to ask for the mandotory $1 for a photo.

The Iggy’s crew are setting up shop at the Gentilly stage today for the headlining last act of Lady Ga Ga and Tony Bennett. We found them just in time to settle in for Jon Cleary and the Abosolute Monster Gentleman. We were offered everything from cocunut shots, beer and a crownie. Kate said she didn’t drink crownies as she did not like beer. Well here, we learned that  a crownie is a shot of whisky from a small bottle. Oh and that funny weed smell is around again.

I liked  the Jon Cleary quote that he attributed to Bonnie Raitt. She said to him after Hurricane Katrina. ‘New Orleans music is the greatest gift America gave the world.’

Next off we went back to Acura for Cowboy Mouth. 90’s punk rock and I dig the band.

We caught a couple of songs from Angelique Kidjo on the Congo Square stage. Wendy likes her African driven tunes but we were disappointed as she was talking and dancing with the crowd more than singing.

The girls want to go back to Gentilly for Allen Toussaint and I want to hear to the small Langiappe stage to catch the Deslondes. Then the girls are off to see Pitbull and me to see Delbert McClinton. We will meet after those performances in front of the Gospel Tent to make our way home.
I got myself a beer and found a seat under cover for the Deslondes. I saw the band last year and was taken by them. They sort of channel the ghost of Woody Guthrie. Brian Wise wandered in and I had a spare seat next to me. Brian is going to interview the band member Sam Dorres after their set. I said to Brian that Iwould love to see them tour Australia. He told me that they may well be doing that shortly. Hope so and if they do you readers must see them perform. I was hoping their much anticpated new C.D. would be available but las no. Idid howver buy my first 45 single since the closure of Brash’s in Melbourne.

One of my must sees I had marked down was Delbert McClinton in the Blues Tent. I also caught up with Gary, a real nice guy from Maine that I have seen every year here in the Blues tent. I was glad I got to see Delbert and can cross that artist off my wish list.

We walked around to the shuttle pick-up and went back to Iggy’s for a beer. I am now the proud owner of an Iggy’s bar tshirt.

Rob Rowe