Day Thirty Five – Jazz Fest Day Four

Blues Idiom – Signifying is the use of language to affirm one’s cultural identity in the face of oppresion. How does one seek to one’s ‘masters’ and retain any shred of dignity? By insulting or manipulating ‘the man’ without him realising it.

We arrived in time at Iggy’s bar to get the shuttle bus over to the fair grounds for the start of the second week of Jazz Fest. It feels so good to be recognised at a local neighbourhood bar and be treated as one of the crew.

The girls filled up on vegemite toast before we left. My method of getting a morning feed is to go to a different food vendor each day we arrive and try a little of the local fare. Today I had two Nachitoches spicy pies followed up with a visit to the WWOZ hostility tent for fresh fruit salad and iced coffee. The pineapple is oh so sweet down this way. I don’t get to eat fresh pineapple back home as no one but me likes it.

We started the days music over at the Congo Square stage with Shamaar Allen & the Underdogs. Shamaar is one of Wendy’s favs. A young sensational trumpet player that mixes traditional New Orleans funk with hip-hop. Kate seemed to enjoy the performance. Towards the end of the set Shamaar bought on six young horn players that he is tutoring. They are real good. The next generation on show for all to see and admire.

We headed to the Gentilly stage for Amanda Shaw and her Cute Guys. We stayed for three tunes and then headed back to the Blues tent for Meschiya Lake & the Little Big Horns. We finally caught up with Fras and Jan and caught up with all the news of their travels. Meschiya as always is sensational. My first Margarita of the day was going down real well.

Next up was Eric Lindell and his band, another favourite. Eric has an 8 piece band and does not disappoint Blue eyed soul/blues at its best. Many of the artists are being recorded with the C.D. edited and available for sale the next day. As I am typing this blog I am listening to Eric’s live set.
Next up is Lil’ Ed and the Blues Imperials. Full on Chicago blues.

We had no trouble getting the shuttle back to Iggy’s for a cool drink. Feeling hungry we started back towards the Quarter. We had only walked one block from Iggy’s when we came across a funky neighbourhood restaurant called Horn’s. The menu looked good so we had a feed. Wendy and I both had Crawfish Etouffee and Kate the Cheesy Mac. The etoufee was one of the best I have ever had. I washed the meal down with a ‘lazy magnolia southern pecan beer.’

Rob Rowe

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