I have been looking forward to this weekend’s Echuca Winter Bliues Festival. We are planning to hit the road at 11. The trip gives us a good opportunity to give our new Hyundai i30 a run in. Unfortunately Wendy can’t drive her new car as she has not yet recovered from her car accident in early June. Terry and Phoebe are making the trip with us and in fact Terry is our chauffeur. I will of course be in charge of the travelling music. Let’s hope I can remember what Cara showed me last night about plugging in the iPod into the sound system!

It will be good to get away and listen to some awesome live music. It has been a very upsetting 9 days since we learned of the Williamstown RSL development/closure. Way Out West however can feel very proud of our reputation for bringing the best oh music out west. We have this last week had overtures from seven different venues offering us a home.

We are an hour into the road trip and the weather is not the best. Terry said the car is running well and I have the iPod playing the tunes.
We plan to stop at Tooborac for lunch and a craft beer. Terry and Phoebe are now officially beer snobs.

We arrived at the pub a 2nd ordered a Gunslinger American style pale ale. Next door to the pub is a little pie shop $7 for a amber beef pie which seemed a bit pricy but they were very big and tasty. Marshall and Jenny have just arrived.
We are back on the road around 1:15. The rain is now very heavy and it does no look like letting up.
We booked in to accommodation at 2:45, the next shuttle bus back into Echuca is at 3:45

At the Americana listening to Jimi Hocking with 19 WOW members. Gotta love voodoo child on the mandolin!
Gotta love happy hour 5 o’clock
Jimi finished up with a very enthusiastic ‘Most People I Know’

Had a good chat with Hugo T Armstrong stayed tuned,  we threw around a few artists names and one of them is one of my favourite New Orleans musican/singer and songwriter and we both would love to see him in Oz.

Now on stage is the incredible Sydney keyboard virtuoso Lachy Doley not only a great musician but he has a very soulful voice.

We did a bad thing. Thought we would no a New Orleans thing and take Wendy’s wine with us. Problem is no to go cups here. I smuggled out her glass of wine

Walked around to the Gypsy Bar for some Shane Pacey Trio and a kebab. Boy the weather has turned  bit nasty but it’s not stopping Shane ripping it up. Caught up with Big Lee

Three metre walk for Jesse and Blues Mountain. Man these guys can play. Oh yeah we ‘went down to the cross roads.’

It’s just after 8 and too cold to be outside. We have hit the front bar of the Shamrock. Listening to the Piano Wizard

Brocko and Geoff in the house caught some of Benny Walker and now the Three Kings rockin the house

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