Back Home

Thursday – 11th May

Well we have been back in Melbourne for just on a week and it has been hard going. Not only being back at work but having a cold is a bummer. I am listening to the four CD Box Set ‘Big Ol’ Box of New Orleans’ to try and keep a little bit of New Orleans in my day.

The Melbourne newspapers have been crying out about the number of homeless sleeping rough and begging in the C.B.D. Every City has it’s share of the homeless. San Francisco, Miami, New York, Memphis and New Orleans, seen them all in my travels. The big difference that I have noted through my own experiences with many of Melbourne’s beggars is that they are very aggressive and you are often reluctant to make eye contact. It is fact that even if you do throw a few coins to some beggars (not all) then you are abused for not giving more. Now in New Orleans (not always) it is more often the case that if you say, ‘no I can’t assist’ you get a response of ‘thank you anyway, and God Bless.’

I am looking forward to catching up with the Way Out West crew this coming Sunday. Chris Stockley is an incredible musician and he is sure to put on a great show.

It was sad to hear that Candye Kane had lost her long battle with cancer. I saw her perform at the Byron Bay Festival many years back and then again at the Narooma Blues Festival. She sure knew how to put on a show. I still remember her keyboard player banging the 88’s with her massive fun-bags.