Day 31 – May 8th

We are up early today for our last day in the French Quarter. Pat will pick us up around 6PM for us to stay at their home so we can get an early start tomorrow for our 9-hour drive to San Antonio, Texas.

Going to be another hot one in the Crescent City. We are going out to do some last-minute shopping. First port of call is the Louisiana Music factory to stock up on CDs of artists we got to see at Jazz Fest. Wendy cut loose more than me and we finished up buying 12 albums. A couple will be to be gifts. One is for you Skye MacKay!

Next to the Spice Emporium for rubs and sauces. One is for you Skye MacKay rated a 16 out of 10. It is the hottest sauce on sale.

I had my eye on a cool leather hat from the same shop where I have purchased an out there shirt. Finished up spending way too much but the hat will outlive me, and I will be able to leave it to someone in my will (it is that good).

We are now packed and ready for our departure. William and Mickey came out to sit with us for a while. William seemed genuinely upset to see us leave and I detected a little tear in his eye. He is a good man with a big heart.

We got over to Pat and Bob’s just after six. Bob has made a great CD of Johnny Cash covers for me and I can’t wait to have a listen. He has also been slaving over a hot stove all afternoon and has prepared a very tasty Jambalaya for us. We all had to go back for seconds as it was that good.

Early to bed for a rest and early morning start.

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