Easter Sunday

Day Nineteen

The Big Bad Wolf – Chris Owen Parade

A man is a success if if gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to. Bob Dylan

Today is Parade Day in NOLA. Three parades in all, celebrating Easter.

What a mighty fine day and night I had yesterday. Will need a sleep-in. But alas that was not to be. Around 8:30 I was woken by a Brass Band playing some religious tunes right out front of my crib. Not sure if it was an intentional attempt to save my soul?

Back down to Envie for a breakfast sandwich accompanied with cheesy grits.

So many people wearing Easter Bonnets and that is just the guys! Read that the Bulldogs were beaten by the bottom side Carlton. After a promising start to the season all things are now back to normal.

The first Parade of the day is orientated toward the kids and is on early. I will go to the second Parade (Chris Owens) which kicks off at one.

Mickey and I sat out front and watched very smartly dressed people going about their Easter Sunday rituals. New Orleans is still very much a Catholic city.

A group of young party girls are out celebrating a Hen’s Party. They stopped because of the Australian flag flying from the roof. The bride to be is Australian as is another of the party.

The streets are already lined with people. The Parade will run down Bourbon and take a left on St Philip before turning right on Royal. There are marching bands, tricked up cars, floats, dancers and Elvis impersonators on mini-bikes. The Chris Owens float went by and she was smiling and waving but I am sure she is hurting from the loss of her long-term partner a few weeks ago. As with all Parades in New Orleans there are lots of beads and stuffed animals being thrown to the crowds. The serious collectors bring baskets to carry their booty. I scored a Zebra patterned hat and a large carrot! I have learned from previous trips to not collect dozens of beads as they way a ton when being carried back home in your suitcase.

The next Parade (Gay Easter Parade) starts at 4:30 and will go right past our place. As it is a beautiful day yet again, I got myself a six-pack of Bud’s from the Quarter Master, price $7.77 plus tax. People start lining the street from 4 o’clock. The Parade makes our place just after five. As you can imagine it is a most interesting spectacle. Lots of laughter. Wendy also got to watch the Parade from William’s security camera. Our L.A. friend Cheryl who will taking the apartment next door to me this Tuesday sent a link to access the street view.

I have taken a hundred photos of the participants. I will upload a few over the next few days and provide a link for enjoyment.

Ah, Easter in NOLA. If you want religion you can have it, if you want debauchery then that is available as well. One may get you to heaven but the other is a hell of a lot more fun.