Day 29 – May 1st.

Anders Osborne

It is no easy matter to go to Heaven by way of New Orleans ‘ – Rev. J Chandler Gregg

Wednesday in the Crescent City and one week of my trip to go. Where have those days gone?

News has just come through that John Prine has had to cancel his Saturday appearance at Jazz Fest. That’s a bummer as I had penciled him in as a must see. To date these are the cancellations from the original line-up. The Stones, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bob Seeger, Jimmy Cliff and then Fleetwood Mac who were to replace the Stones. ‘What a drag it is getting old.’

I went out early, and can proudly say, I have broken the back of my gift shopping.

Today is Crawfish Festival day at Central BBQ. Doors open at 3. I booked a United Cab and arrivds at 3:30. The outdoor area is pretty wet with a number of puddles around. Must have been a brief downpour that missed my place. Bugger, I forgot my seat.

The first act for the day is Papa Mali with Alvin Youngblood Hart. Enjoyable set of music. There are a number of Aussies in the house. Brian Wise and wife Karen with some of his tour group. Also Tony Wood, Baz Williams and Bryce.

I got my serve of Crawfish and fixins’ which is part of the entry cost. Must say I am getting pretty good at suckin’ the head and pinchin’ the tail. Certainly not as quick as the locals, but getting there. Another first, I have managed to keep my t-shirt free of Mud Bug guts.

Part of today’s festivities is a Crawfish cooking contest. Ten entries in all including the MRB bar. This is serious business. Woodie from MRB recognized me from Stew’s party.

Next on the bill (and the reason I choose this day of the three day festival), Anders Osborne and David Torkanowsky. Great music, more subdued that when Anders is in full band mode. I took a few photos of the Aussies around the festival.

Tony Wood and I had a couple of coldies and he told me that tomorrow night, Fiona Boyes will be playing with Johnny Sansone at the Monkey Bar. I know I will be too stuffed to go to that gig after the first day of Jazz Fest (tomorrow).

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