She’s a kitchen mechanic that’s her regular trade She got the best brown Betties that ever was made. —Blind Blake, “I Was Afraid Of That.”

We went down to Frenchman Street to browse the Louisiana Music Factory. I got myself a Slim Harpo T-shirt and three C.Ds by artists, the Flatlanders, Tommy McLain, and Dave Thompson.

Bernie and Hoff have discovered a new coffee spot on Decatur Street, Cafe Envie. It just so happens that I have been a regular customer of that particular cafe since for most of my trips to New Orleans. We all had a late breakfast. Cara and Tahlay met us at the Cafe.

The Louisiana Music Factory has free 45-minute gigs during the off days of Jazz Fest. Bernie is the self-appointed President of the Australian chapter of the John Lisi fan club. I am a big fan as well. We headed back over to “The Factory” for the John Lisi and Delta Funk’s performance. John is a very good musician and songwriter with a kind of Frank Zappaish sense of humor. The band is resplendent in astronaut suites. It was a fun set of songs, mostly about drinking and overindulgence. For example, one song title off his new album is “Too Much Blood In My Alcohol Stream”. The final song in the set was “John Lee Hooker Song”, with that very familiar Hooker boogie and the band adlibbing some hilarious lyrics.

John Lisi and Delta Funk

Wendy has wandered off to get another tattoo! Please don’t tell her mother. I just hung around for a while in the Quarter to soak up the atmosphere then headed back home at 3:30.

Tonight Skye has booked us in for a special dinner at the very classy Compere Lapin. Skye dined at this restaurant the last time she was in town and has raved about the food ever since. Pat had joined us for the special occasion, and she told us that she has always wanted to dine here. What a fabulous experience. The service, the decor, and most importantly the food was first-class. As there was a large group of us we had a set menu. Sometimes set menus can be hit or miss. Let me tell you, everything we ate on the night was delectable. A very memorable night of fine dining was had by all. Here is our menu. By the way, the fish of the day was Red Schnapper:

The Boss Man Krewe Minus Photographer

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