She’s hot as mustard, sly as a fox And she likes plenty of meat, in her ice box. —Pigmeat Pete and Catjuice Charlie, “She Shakes A Mean Ash Can,” 1931

We wake to torrential rain. If you have ever been to New Orleans then you know what I mean. Today’s opening has been delayed by an hour and a quarter. Pat arrived to take us, diehards, to the fest. The official photographer for the Last Hurrah tour has pulled the pin.

We head out to the fest with Cara in “The Way Back” of the car. We lined up in the rain, only serious music fans are out today. The rain is forecast to continue until late afternoon. As this will be my last Jazz Fest I am determined to savor every moment.

What Rain?

As soon as I get in I head for the Lagniappe Stage for the shelter. Oh no, I have left my writing journal back at the apartment. This blog is all from memory! I got a crawfish salad Po’ Boy and sat at a table, I was shortly joined by a couple of ladies who introduced themselves. Bettina is a Native New Orleanien and her friend is from up north. I learned that Bettina’s husband is a Bass player with the New Orleans Jazz Ensemble. He had the honor of playing with Stevie Wonder a few years back. Somehow the conversation turned to politics. Both women detest Trump. Sadly, the lady whose name I forget told me that her brother has not spoken to her for years because he is a MAGA nutter butter.

I headed to the Blues Tent and managed to snare a seat for Deacon John’s big band. A great set of music from some of New Orleans’ finest. Born in 1941, the singer-songwriter has a long history in music including leading bands at debutante balls. performing at the Dew Drop Inn and playing on such classics as Aaron Neville’s ‘Tell It Like It Is’ and, Ernie K Doe’s ‘Mother-In-Law.’

Deacon John

I went and got a drink and then found that I was unable to get back into the Blues Tent. The crowd is overflowing for the Robert Randolph band. I found a spot just outside the tent and listened to the set. Luckily the rain is letting up. Another fine set of music from this pedal steel genius.

Robert Randolph

The last act for me will be John Hiatt and the Goners. I had earmarked this show as a ‘must see’ while back in Melbourne. Bernie found where I was sitting and we enjoyed the show immensely. Bernie’s favorite guitarist, Sonny Landreth, is a member of the Goners. What a bonus.

Pat has gone way above what anyone could expect and will pick us up from the Fest. I walked past a street vendor hawking her wares. “Pre-rolled joints, magic mushrooms, and edibles”!

When we got back to the apartment a feast awaited us. Fried chicken, Mac and Cheese, and fresh salads.

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