I believe, I believe, I’m on my last go-round Lord all-a my money gone, I feel myself sinkin’ down. —Roosevelt Sykes, “All My Money Gone Blues,” 1929

I think I can safely say that all of us are feeling tired after the last 4 days of Jazz Fest. It is a happy tired not a sad one. This morning we are meeting up with a truly great friend of mine. David ‘Jeff’ Jefferson. I first met Jeff when I lived in New Orleans for three months. Jeff is the Stage Manager for the main stage at the French Quarter festival. He has always looked after me and allowed me to go into the artist’s area. I have met so many great people because of Jeff’s kindness. His wife Pat is also a lovely person but is unable to meet us for a late breakfast due to work commitments. Jeff would dearly love to come to Australia and go ‘outback’. I picked out a cafe in the Quarter, Jimmy J’s on Chartres Street. Wendy, Bernie, Cara, and Taylah are all coming and Hoff is going to explore more of the city. It was so good to see Jeff again. He is a most giving person. He had a bag of goodies for me. In the bag was a 40th anniversary FQF t-shirt, some music, and a few odds and ends. Bernie and I presented Jeff with a signed 20th-anniversary WOW book. He told us, ‘I will treasure the book forever’. We had a delightful brunch and caught up on all the news. As we said our goodbyes Wendy and I made a point of telling Jeff that if he ever does get down under he and Pat will have a bed at our place. Before we parted Jeff rang his wife and we had a good chat on the phone.

David “Jeff” Jefferson

Cara went to the police station on Royal Street and after showing her badge is now the proud owner of a New Orleans Police cloth badge.

Bernie has let me know of the best t-shirt slogan he has seen to date. ‘I didn’t crawl up the food chain to eat vegetables’.

Bernie has gone off to buy some new sneakers. We then did a few tourist things and I took the girls to the St Louis Cathedral, Pirates Alley, Ursuline Convent, and the infamous LaLaurie mansion. Taylah wanted to see the mansion as she had watched a T.V. show about its tragic history.


St. Louis Cathedral – Jackson Square

The girls got an Uber home and we then caught up with Bernie at the French Market for some last-minute gift buying. Tonight we dined once again at Midway Pizza on Freret St. We had learned our lesson and only ordered two large pizzas. Oh and Buffalo wings and pigs in a blanket!

Our final full day in New Orleans was Tuesday. Cara and Taylah are flying out late this afternoon for Los Vegas. Pat has gone way above anything that could be expected by saying she will take the girls to the airport. Before they leave we are going to have a final meal with Pat at Mandina’s Italian restaurant on Canal St. I have eaten there on previous trips and I know the food is very good. There is however a sad recent story about the restaurant. There was a gang-related murder there on April 28th. Unfortunately, a German tourist in town for Jazz Fest was also wounded in this senseless act of violence. The good news is that the shooter has now been arrested. When we arrived at Mandina’s there was a floral tribute out front. Also, two armed security guards were at the entrance. The atmosphere inside was a little subdued as could be expected. However, I am glad we came as the restaurant needs continued support.


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