Easter Sunday – April 20th


Chris Owens – 20/4/2014

“I haven’t understood a bar of music in my life, but I have felt it.” ― Igor Stravinsky

Easter Sunday and I woke up feeling good. Dare I say it? Positively resurrected even!

It is a bright sunny day and all bodes well for the Easter Parades.

Back down to the Magnolia Grill for a Pecan and Banana Pancake. During the walk down there are many people wearing Easter Bonnets (men and women alike). It is a friendly time of year with most people wishing you a ‘happy Easter’. People are on their way to church, the major religion here being catholic. But just as many people are heading to the bars for something cool to drink.

I got the bill for my meal and then had a panic attack as I could not find my wallet. I just hope I have left it at the apartment. Oh boy, will it be the classic refrain from the waiter. ‘O.K you can wash dishes for an hour or so. The café is packed and there must be a ton of bacon fat on all the plates I can see. I offered to leave my Sun Records Tote bag as a guarantee for me coming back to pay the bill. The guy laughed and said ‘that’s all right baby, we trust ya’. I must have an honest face all be it pretty sunburned one. I hustled back to the apartment and heaved a sigh of relief when I spotted my wallet on the table.

My new tatt is looking good but I must be careful to keep it out of the sun. William has presented me with my Easter Bonnet which I will wear when the second parade of the afternoon goes past our balcony. I mentioned before that New Orleans is a great city to people watch. Even more so today as the drag queens, the transvestites and the gays wearing all kinds of finery and matching bonnets are sashaying past. The Chris Owens parade rolls down Bourbon and then take a right onto St Anne which is just the next block up from us. Last year I missed this parade because I had the wrong start time. Not this year however as I am determined to get in on the fun.

I walked down a block and fond a shady spot. The couple next to me are from the state capital Baton Rouge. They were very friendly.

Now Chris Owens is a legend in these here parts. Have a look at the web site to bring yourself up to speed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Owens_(burlesque_performer) His/her parade has been rolling for over 30 years. Chis is at a guess in her mid 70’s and to say she has lived a life in an understatement of ridiculous proportions. Her float stopped right in front of me. It was pretty scary to look into that face. Bands, throws, colour and sights to behold.

Back to the apartment with a six pack of Abita Amber. I sat out on the balcony with my neighbours, William and Mickey and we shared crackers, cheese and salami as we waited for the next parade.

The Gay Eater Parade started to roll past us at around 5P.M. The trannies in all the fineries. I am not sure who is male and who is female! Again a lot of fun was had. I must say my bonnet was also very popular with many people stopping to take a photo. So many people walk past where I am staying. I could sit out here for a week and have hundreds of photos without every stopping foot off the balcony. We just had 6 miniature ponies, 3 miniature goats and a mini llama walk past us on the sidewalk. Most people wish you ‘Happy Easter’, ‘How ya’ll doin’ as they stroll by. People asking for directions and then being a little taken aback when they get answered in a weird accent.

Another fun Easter in the Crescent City.

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