Saturday – April 19th



Scary Bunny


‘Must people die with their music still locked up inside them’ – Benjamin Disraeli 

I woke up at 1 P.M. and had to try and get my mind and body functioning. I am too old to have 4A.M. nights but I never heed my own advice. I have to get over to Frenchman for my 2 P.M. appointment at Electric Ladyland. I am not looking forward to an hour of tattooing with a throbbing head and a churning stomach.

My tattoo artist is Kevin and he is a real nice guy. Originally from Miami he has been working at the studio for the last 3 months. I surprisingly feel all right once he starts and the hour goes by quickly.

My last meal was a long time ago (24 hours) and I need to get a feed. Mona’s Lebanese café is just a few doors down from the studio and I called in for lamb and humus.

I was back in the apartment by 4 to rest my weary body. A couch potato for the rest of the day

I managed to get up from the couch around 7:30 and walked around the corner to the Verti Mart to get a take-out of meatballs, mashed potato and green beans. The portions are so large that you are guaranteed two meals for the price of one.

So not a big day for blogging. As the Jethro Tull song goes ‘Too old to rock ‘n’ roll but too young to die’.

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