Day Twelve – Universal Studios

We were up early again to catch the shuttle over to Universal. Kate is not well and has gone back to bed and will meet us mid-morning. She has had a heavy cold since the start of our trip and she can’t shake it.
We got in a very long line for our bus. Although there are many ahead of us we did not wait long. Three buses pulled in at once. There is a family behind us  and the Grandmother (I assume she is) is worried that she has left her cell phone back in her room. She searched for 5 minutes and then told all with in ear shot that she had found her phone. She said ‘praise the lord Jesus Christ.’ He must be the god of telecommunications.

Wendy and I headed straight for Springfield where all the Simpsons characters and the various shops are featured. Really well done. I went into the Kwiki Mart and an Indian lady said ‘welcome to the Kwiki Mart,’ maybe Apu was sick?

We now headed back to Diagon Alley where all good wizards (and bad) go to buy their supplies for the coming school year (Harry Potter). We first went passed the triple-decker English style bus ‘the Knight Rider’ which features in one the the Potter films. The English driver lets me come over for a photo. I asked him if he wanted to talk cricket, he knew I was having a go at him but he came back with ‘no sooner talk about Quidditch.
A lot of the younger kids have talked their parents into buying them a wand from of course Ollivanders. The wands are pretty pricey but they are interactive. The kids can wander around to various locations and use the correct spell to make something happen at a statue or shop window. A lot of those kids are going to be disappointed when the get home and can’t change their T.V. channels with the said wands. It is good though to watch the young kids faces when they successful cast the right spell and something moves. I sat down and had a butter beer (root beer with ice-cream float).
I went and purchased a Slytherin watch. Not sure why really but it looks good. It sits nice and sinister on my wrist with my voodoo tattoo.

Next we lined up for the Shrek 4D movie adventure. I still get a laugh out of donkey.

Kate has messaged us to say she should be with us at 10:30. We decide to meet at Krusty Burgers for a bite to eat. We sat out front until she arrived and then went and got our Krusty Burger and Duff beer and sat in Moe’s tavern to eat. I tried the love tester and scored a Casanova rating (the top rating I may add). Wendy was below that (Hot Tamale) and sorry Adam as Kate rated as a cold fish.
I got my Picture taken with Homer and Bart and an autograph if you don’t mind!

We headed back to Diagon Alley as Kate is looking for a necklace. It is after 12 and there are people everywhere. Just goes to show that getting to the park early makes the experience a little more comfortable. We also went for a walk down the creepy Knockturn Alley where all the bad dudes hang out.
It is now 1:30 and I am shopped out and lined out. Kate still wants to look at the NBA shop and me I head to the Hard Rock Cafe for a cool bud.


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