Day Nineteen – Rain

Blues Idiom – Lesson Five – Cat – Blues and Jazz musicians use ‘cat’ to refer to another musician they respect. Scholars suspect this use of cat stems from the Wolof* word for singer, Katt. *is a language of Senegal, the Gambia and Mauritania and the native language of the Wolof people.

Have I told you lately that it has been raining here in New Orleans? There has been thunder storms and very, very heavy rain for most of the night and all morning. We were to go for a drive with Stew and Carol down to the Lower 9th today but we have postponed until later in the week.

By 10:30 hunger drove Wendy and I out to get some breakfast. The rain has eased a little. Kate has decided to stay in bed. We headed a few blocks over to Envy’s a little local cafe on the edge of the Quarter. I found this place a few years back and have had many a fine breakfast there. Wendy has also been there before. We both went for the French Toast with fresh fruit. The storm is getting a lot worse and though we are going the get very wet we made a dash back to the apartment as Kate might think that she will get washed away.

My tablet has been giving me the shits. Just wants to keep locking up. I am nearly ready to throw it out.

We are out and about at 1:30. Rain is now relenting a little. Kate took her umbrella and Wendy has  on my poncho. I being a local can see that the sky is clearing. A block later Kate volunteered to go back for my umbrella as I waited under a porch. The heavens have opened up again!

Just across from Jackson Square is the Louisiana State Museum. A good place to escape the wet and learn a little at the same time. I have been here twice before. The first floor is a reminder of what this city has been through with hurricanes Katrina is documented thoroughly. I have written before about the apparant lack of help after this devastating storm One display that sums it all up is titled ‘Is this America?’ I am sure Kate now has a better understanding of the devastation that occured on the streets she is now walking.

The second floor is a celebration of the history of Mardi Gras not just in New Orleans and Louisiana but going way back to early Europe. Please don’t confuse Mardi Gras with Sydney’s festival it is far more than that.

We decided to head down to the Camilla Grill for a burger. Got there at 3 and it had just closed. Headed back to the infamous Clover Grill. The rain has kept  most tourists inside and we got a table straight away. Kate is not sure of the food that is available and so she is going to share a toasted chicken breast, cheese and lettuce sandwich. Me I order a burger. The place may look like the grungy 24 hour diner it is but I know the food is good. In fact the food was so good that Kate and Wendy ordered a repeat of the sandwich they have just devoured.

Nothing to do now but head back in the rain to dry off and watch television The girls have found a chanel that has old movies and are watching in sequence the three animated ‘Ice Age’ movies

Let’s hope the rain clears tomorrow however the forecasts are not good.

Rob Rowe

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