Day Twenty One – Audobon Zoo

Blues Idiom – Chitlin – Short for chitlings, chitlins are pieces of pig intestine. When blues musicans were on the road they were said to be on the chitlin tour. Chitlings being the only cheap food they could afford to eat.

Went out for a walk early to deliver a tube of vegemite. On my last visit I browsed a second-hand book store and finished up buying a cook book. The owner, an older guy had a lot of his life-time memorabilia on display. I was surprised to find  a dusty old empty vegemite jar amongst his stuff. The owner told me that back in the sixties in San Francisco he had a brief affair with a travelling Aussie girl, she had turned him onto vegemite and said he loved it. He kept the vegemite jar to remind him of the girl and his love for the snack. I promised if I came back then I would bring him a tube. He was blown away when I handed the vegemite to him, ‘I am gunna make some toast and use it straight away.’

There was a three alarm fire overnight not far from us. An oyster restaurant caught fire. Hmm, charred oysters anyone. I have read about fires in town before, being described as two alarm fires or four alarm fires etc. Mickey tells me that the number of the alarm represents the number of fire trucks called out.

Just after 12 we are on Magazine Street waiting for  the number 11 bus to take us to Audobon Zoo, a ride to the end of the bus route. Kate checked her Metro app and said the bus was due in 3 minutes. I scoffed, remembering that Brian Wise told me 5 years ago that there is no such thing as a bus timetable in New Orleans. Imagine my surprise when the bus turned up right on time. I have a sneaky feeling that it was the previous due bus running 30 minutes late.

No line to get in and not a lot of people around when we do get through the gates. Heavy rain is predicted and people are a bit hesitant to go out I guess. Suites us as we have the run of the Zoo. The zoo itself is part of an old sugar plantation. Beautiful old oaks some as much as 4 to 500 hundred years old. We maybe only saw 50 or so people all day. The down side is that nearly all the food and drinks stalls are closed as well.  We were lucky to arrive at the alligator swamp enclosure just as the feeding was about to begin. Also saw a couple of large white alligators. They are lucky to be in the zoo as they would never have survived in the wild without their natural camouflage
The rain held off all day and the temperature sans the normal humidity is most acceptable.

We caught the bus back and called into the House of Blues for an early tea. I went with the waiters recommendation, buttermilk fried chicken, garlic mash and coleslaw. It was real good.

We are going to have an early night as tomorrow is going to be a biggin.

Also sorry for the lack of recent photos. I am having problems with my tablet

Rob Rowe

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