Day Twenty Seven – Jazz Fest Eve

Blues Idiom – Hambone – In blues songs a hambone is typically a euphemism for a penis although some female blues singers have used it to refer to their own genitals. In ‘Southern Woman’s Blues’ Ida Cox announced that she’d had it with northern men.

‘I’m goin back south where I can get my hambone boiled,
These northern men about to let my poor hambone spoil.’

Breakfast is getting later and later. We did not eat until 12:15 at the Magnolia Grill. I stuck with my favourite, the seafood omelet. Kate is getting adventurous as she has ordered a blackened chicken sandwich. Jazz Fest is starting tomorrow and we are getting excited. Let’s hope the weather holds as the prediction is for thunder storms. Brian Wise has made contact and he has very kindly invited us to the welcome dinner for his tour party starting at 6:30 at the Maison (hotel) Dupuy.

Went down to ‘wicked orleans’ for a t shirt run and came back with 4 new t shirts to add to the collection back home.

We hit the Louisiana Music Factory at 3 o’clock to catch two in store performances. Jimmy Carpenter and his band played some tunes off his latest album ‘walk away’ and then Johnny Sansone did the same for his just released album, ‘lady on the levee.’ It was a great way to fill in the afternoon. How civilized is New Orleans, awesome music shop with a live band playing and you can have a beer as well. I now have two new signed c.d.’s. Jimmy Carpenter spotted me before I even saw him and came over to say hello.

We caught up with the Brian Wise’s ‘off the record’ tour for their welcome dinner at the Maison Dupuy. Great food as always with the oyster shooters a stand out. There is a large number of newbies on the tour as well as some regular WOW faces. A few beers and a full stomach then back to the apartment for a reasonably early night. Jazz Fest tomorrow and we need to be rested for what will be a long day. Let’s hope the weather holds but it is not looking good.

Rob Rowe

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