Day Thirty Three – No Rain

Blues Idiom – Salty Dog – In French Creole, salte means dirty. In Wright’s Olde English Dialect , salty appears to have an Olde English meaning similar to horny. In blues songs like ‘Salty Dog’ and ‘Candy Man,’ the salty dog is someone who wants to have sex without the responsibility of a love relationship The Reverend Gary Davis sang about a women who told him, ‘If you can’t be my candy man, you can be my salty dog.’

At last, the rain has stopped and the weather forecasts are good. Today being Tuesday is my washing duties day. While I do the domestic work the girls head back to the World War Two museum to finish their visit.

I headed out around 11:30 to the French Market for my favourite tropical smoothie. I grabbed the newspaper to have a read and found a very interesting article about our fascination with celebrities and reality shows and our trivialization of society. I will post the article in a later blog.

Headed down to Canal street to met the girls. Had a coffee at P.J’s and logged onto their Wi-Fi and messaged Kate to say where we would meet up.
Down to the River Walk Mall for a feed of charred grilled oysters. Right outside the balcony is a U.S. Aircraft Carrier. One big mother f* of a ship. The public are allowed onboard to have a look over the ship. Armed guards with assault rifles patrol the warf. Tomorrow morn the fleet leaves town and we have planned to get up early to watch.

Rob Rowe

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