Day Thirty Two – Rest Day
Blues Idiom – Rounder – Rounder is a professional gambler who travels around looking for high – stakes poker games. A rounder takes big risks for big money – and sometimes big losses.

After three days of Jazz Fest the following Monday is usually a rest day for me. It takes a lot out of you having fun (no fake sympathy please.) Lucky for us that it is a rest day as there has been thunder storms all morning and into the early afternoon.
We finally got out at just after two and headed to the I Hop on Canal street for a meal. Kate has already indicated that she liked this diner as it has ‘normal’ food she can eat. I went for the fried chicken dinner. Four pieces of chicken, mashed potato and corn.

We took a slow walk back to the apartment. There are still many armed forces personal looking around town. I read in the newspaper that the month to date rainfall has been 11.40 inches as as opposed to the average to date of 4.13 inches (29 centimeters.) No wonder I am feeling sodden. Kate has also had another tornado warning on her phone. The storm yesterday with the accompaning wind was so stong that is blew four empty goods rail carriages off a local bridge!

Early night for me. The girls think I am sleeping but I heard one thunder clap and it nearly blew me out of bed and it scared the bejesus out of the girls (if the groans where any indication)

Rob Rowe

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