Day Nine

Day Nine – April 14

Good Morning New Orleans; we love you New Orleans
It’s such a lovely day, to love New Orleans,
when people come they never leave
because we’re swinging that way. – Hello New Orleans – Robert
Earl Keen

Return to Iggy’s

Down to the French Market at 10:30 for a banana crepe and coffee. More heavy rain last night and more expected today  Kate had had an issue withe her ATM card. Now ya’ll know who I work for and as much as it pains me I have to say what has occurred with her banking is really poor and when I get back to my work someone is going to feel my wrath.

We sort of lounged around at home for most of the arvo. I bit he bullet and phoned my place of work and finally got some satisfaction re Kate’s bank account. Still gunna lodge an official complaint when I get back and hopefully I can get the wheels in motion to ensure that the service in this particular area of banking is improved for the future.

Wendy and I have decided to walk around to our neighbourhood bar (Iggy’s) at 4ish. We had such good times with the Iggy’s crew last year and hopefully we will see some familiar faces. We were in luck as Big Dave and Ed were sitting at the bar and Judy was behind the jump. It was great catching up with our friends and sharing some stories and drinking more beer than originally intended. We got introduced to another local Chris and he joined us for drinks. Ed has invited us do something very special this coming Saturday. I am going to keep you in suspense. Enough to say that this is a real unique opportunity to be a local for a day and it is not a privilege that often gets afforded to out of towners. Stay tuned!

We then headed down to the casino to win our fortune (that didn’t happen) but we had a lot of fun playing the 60’S Batman themed slot machine. This slot machine is enormous, maybe 3 times the size of a normal slot. It sure sucks you in but what the heck.