Day 16

Day 16 – April 21

I’m on my way to New Orleans this mornin’,
Leaving out of Nashville, Tennessee,
They’re always having a good time down on the bayou, Lord
Them Delta women think the world of me. – Allman Brothers- Ramblin’ Man

Rain, rain go away

Kate is finally off to Electric Ladyland for her tattoo and Wendy is going to keep her company. They are then going to head on down to the River Walk Mall for some nail work of the finger variety.

Good chance for me  to catch up on 3 days of blog. Rather than sit in at the apartment and write I head down to Belle’s Diner for some food as well. If only I could touch type I would have the job done in a quarter of the time. As it is my fingers are so fat from arthritis that my two finger typing more often than not hits multiple keys.

I got to the diner around noon and as the girls are not with me I decided to have the most disgusting thing on the menu. Some things just have to be done once in your life. I ordered the Fried (yes fried) Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich. Seeing as this is a 50’s themed diner and the King (Elvis) is blasting out of the juke-box I think it most appropriate. A wicked sandwich for a wicked person and it tasted delicious although I did sense a hardening of my arteries on the second bite. Long live the King – that is if he was still alive. Also just found out that Prince has passed on which is sad. I might not have been a big fan but I do acknowledge his creativity. Way to many musicians have passed this year already.

After my indulgence and with only one blog to catch up on I strolled over to the French Market for a Tropical Smoothie which I hope will unclog my arteries. Real pleasant sitting at the market and typing away. I sort of felt like Hemingway but without the talent. The sun is out and it is looking good for the start of Jazz Fest tomorrow. People are starting to come on from all over the U.S.A. and the four quarters of the globe for the start of 7 days of music heaven.

I was back at the apartment by 2:45. You know how I said the day was looking fine, well now a storm is brewing and by 3:10 it is raining. Not overly heavy rain but enough to annoy you. Although the locals take the rain in their stride having been used to the weather down here.

I am waiting for the girls to get back when Wendy sent me a message to say they are still at the Mall. Time for a snack and I went to the Quarter Master for a small bag of Zapp’s Potato Chips – flavour being Drago’s Roast Garlic. Drago’s is a local restaurant famous for its Charbroiled Ersters (now you should know  what ersters are if you read yesterdays blog)

Very heavy rain most of the afternoon which is not what we want as once the infield at Jazz Fest gets muddy it never recovers.