Day 27 – May 2

From the shakey city
down to New Orleans
The Golden Gate
to the Bronx and Queens
Everybody’s rockin’,
yeah, everybody’s rockin’,
Well, everybody’s rockin’,
rockin’ to the dancin’ beat. – Everybody Rockin’ – Neil Young

Rest Day (Sort of)

Bit of a slow awakening for all of us. We went over to Ruby Slippers for a very late breakfast (Noon). The building on Burgundy is an old Bank and is purported to have been robbed by Bonnie and Clyde.

Not too many chances left to have a decadent breakfast so I went for the daily special of a cinnamon bun lodged between two buttermilk pancakes covered with raisins and syrup. Wendy had a similar pancake breakfast but between her two pancakes was some cheese cake. Kate had two little pork sausages with a side of fries.

We are not far from Iggy’s and made our way there to return a backpack that Little Dave had lent to Wendy. We got there around 1and Little Dave and Mike were about to leave to do some banking. But before they left Dave bought us all a farewell cocktail.

The girls want to go down to the Riverwalk Mall for some last minute shopping and I also need to buy some new runners as my Nikes are a mess from the Festival. I also picked up a few souvenirs.

Stew and Carol are picking us up at 6:30 for a farewell dinner and we ended up at The Louisiana Pizza restaurant. Fine pizza and a strawberry Abita was the order of the day

We then took a stroll for a final time over to Frenchman Street. Jazz Fest stayers are lining up for the music clubs. We went over to an artists market just as a termite swarm hit. Kate is freaking out! I for some reason I decided to buy a suit-jacket. It is something to behold in a N.O. sort of way. Can’t wait to wear it at the next opportune time. Maybe the Winter Blues Festival at Echuca?

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