Day Three – 6th April

I am up at 5:45 A.M. Rather proud of myself as I used the Uber App for the first time. I like this Uber thing as the fare was $20 cheaper that the cab I got from the airport.

I am on a roll, I used the self check-in. Another rare good LAX experience. There is a fair bit of fog around the airport but I hope there in no delay with my scheduled 9:45 departure. Poor old Cara has had problems with her flight to Vancouver with not realizing she needed a Canadian Visa. The lady at the airport has helped her out but she will not be able to fly out until tomorrow.

Bugger, my flight has been delayed an hour and not only that I have a very long walk to a different terminal. Many flights have been delayed and LAX is jammed with people missing their flights.

I went off looking for Terminal 50A and found it after 10 minutes. Alas is was a Delta terminal and I am flying American. Back I go, I am starting to limp. Only 10 minutes walking and my right knee gives up the ghost. Luckily I have my walking cane. There is a shuttle car not far from the escalator I need to use to check the departure board for American. The elderly lady sees I am limping and said to me, ‘can I help you honey.’ Yeah I said I need to go to 50A American, she said, ‘ I been working here a long time and I ain’t heard of that terminal.’ ‘Give me your boarding pass and I will check it for you.’ She came back after 5 minutes and said, ‘Honey you mean 50A as for apple not 50i.’ I may have to start talking in Alpha, Bravo language.

We finally boarded at 10:45 and then sat on the tarmac for another hour due to something (not important) we were assured breaking off the nose of the plane. The little hook that is used to pull the plane along.

Finally in the air. Not far out of New Orleans and I needed to pee. As I was lining up a little old lady tapped me on the back. I thought she just wanted to pass so I moved as far aside as I could. No she wanted to collapse. I held onto her until the flight attendants could take over. A call came over from the pilot asking if there was a doctor onboard who could help a fellow passenger in need. Luckily there was.

Once we landed in New Orleans we had to remain seated until the ambulance crew could attend to the lady.

I jumped in a cab and headed to my accommodation at 1705 South Rampart in the Lower Garden District. We went past a Mouse Lane which ran off Dickory Road which amused me.

Arrived around 7:15 at a very nice house and was greeted by the owner Daryl. Very welcoming smile and he gave me the lay of the land. What with the travel delays and also the fact that New Orleans is 3 hours in front of L.A. time wise then I will not get to see any music of the first day of the (free) French Quarter Music Festival (FQF)

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