New Orleans – 2017

April 23rd. – Day 20

Woke up to the coldest day to date. Maybe 17 Celsius. Read that Cara has landed in New York and has checked  into their apartment on Times Square. She is now waiting for Kate to arrive.

Pat is picking me up at 11 to got over to the Artisan Café. Big Dave invited us over for the first of what will be a regular Sunday Drag Brunch. Mother Tuckers’ Drag Queen Incorporated starring Coca Mesa and Special Guests. This is sure to be fun. I waited out on my balcony and met my new neighbour for the next few days. A lady from Illinois, it is her first visit to New Orleans.

We got the Café just after eleven. Big Dave is at the bar. When in Rome as they say. Pat ordered us a Bloody Mary each. Sure cleared out the cob webs. We ordered some food. Mike is the chef and the food is real good. Next drink was a White Russian. Gonna be a fun day for sure. Mark the ex-pat Australian we meet a few years back came in for a chat. He is now a U.S. citizen. Mark has sold his bar and is looking for another business opportunity. He has been keeping up with the price of property back home and is astounded by the cost of property, as we all are.

The Drag Show was a hoot. Got a few pictures taken with the girls. When one of the photos was being taken, one of the girls said to me, ‘get closer I don’t bite.’ I stupidly replied, ‘I hoped you would.’ She leaned in close and whispered, ‘I will if you want me to.’ That shut me up pretty quick!

We left the bar around 2 and headed over to Bucktown in Metairie. We passed many fine homes. The levee of Lake Pontchatrain is right in front of us. Our destination was the 8th annual Pinch a Palooza Festival. A free family festival with music, crawfish eating contests, crawfish races.

Pat has a close friend of hers living close by so we grabbed three beers and went over to visit. It was nice to sit out back and have a chat.

Another great day hanging out with the locals.

New Orleans – 2017

April 22nd.- Day 19

WOW – I am pretty dusty this morning or should I say very late this morning. We drunk Blue Moon beer all night and I think Bob has given me a bit of a touch up. I feel more like I was on the ‘Dark Side of the Moon.’

The only thing I do today is go down to the House of Blues for a meal. I misread the menu. I thought that you ordered two sides with the Meat Loaf. So I did, a side of fries and a side of BBQ Baked Beans. My meal arrived and with the large serve of Meat Loaf covered in a mushroom sauce was snap peas and green beans with grape tomatoes and a mighty big heap of garlic mash. No way I will eat it all but I did give it my best try. 

Pretty much the rest of the day was couch surfing and watching T.V.