April 22nd.- Day 19

WOW – I am pretty dusty this morning or should I say very late this morning. We drunk Blue Moon beer all night and I think Bob has given me a bit of a touch up. I feel more like I was on the ‘Dark Side of the Moon.’

The only thing I do today is go down to the House of Blues for a meal. I misread the menu. I thought that you ordered two sides with the Meat Loaf. So I did, a side of fries and a side of BBQ Baked Beans. My meal arrived and with the large serve of Meat Loaf covered in a mushroom sauce was snap peas and green beans with grape tomatoes and a mighty big heap of garlic mash. No way I will eat it all but I did give it my best try. 

Pretty much the rest of the day was couch surfing and watching T.V.

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