April 12th- Day 12

Laundry Day at Suds Dem Duds, just a few doors down from my apartment.

I have decided today to have lunch at the famous Dooky Chase restaurant in the Treme. I know the address – 2301 Orleans Avenue but am unsure how long the walk will take. I checked up Google Maps and it will be a 27 minute walk. I have a suggestion for Google Maps. I want them to allow you to input your age and the quality of your legs so as to ascertain a more accurate walking time!

 It is worth checking out the Dooky Chase link to understand why this restaurant is an institution in New Orleans. It is consistently voted as having the best fried chicken in town and many famous people have dined here. http://www.dookychaserestaurant.com

Took me about 35 minutes, not bad. The lunch menu  is a la carte and includes a delicious chicken soup and a choice of fried chicken, dirty rice, cheesy mac, hot sausage, greens and candied yam followed by a peach cobbler all for under $20 bucks. Nice looking restaurant without being pretentious. More locals than tourists. Can’t wait to bring Kate here. She will love the chicken and cheesy mac. You can go back for seconds. Real friendly staff help for a great New Orleans experience. The place is decked out with Easter decorations. A lot of homes in the Quarter are also decorated. New Orleans is very much still a catholic city without being pushy. Mrs. Chase the matriarch of the family walks around each table to greet the diners. She is somewhat of a celebrity as many diners want to have their photo taken with her. She stopped and thanked me for dining with her. For a lady in her mid 90’s she is still switched on and takes a delight at being in her restaurant daily even though her cooking days are over.

Tonight I head down to Lafayette Square for the free music in the park series. Every Wednesday night during Spring you get to sample two of New Orleans finest bands. Tonight it is John ‘Popa’ Gross followed by John Cleary and the Absolute Monster Gentleman. I have been coming to these events each year I am in New Orleans. I even recognize a few familiar faces. Again, more locals than tourists. The gig runs from 5 PM to 8PM and the CBD workers just take off their ties and get a little music after a days work.

Normally when I am over here there is always in the back of my mind that as the days tick over I have to shortly go back to a job that I was not enjoying. I real damper. I don’t have to worry about that crap any more. Even though I lost my job in very unsavory circumstances (near on a year ago) I am glad that I am no longing in the sales driven banking industry. Not having to report to wankers in corporate suits/dress is a blessing

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