New Orleans – 2017

April 30th. Day 27

No sleep again until after 3:30A.M. and then I didn’t awake until 11:15

The skies are looking threatening. I checked the online Picayune, luckily, and read that the festival will not open the gates until the afternoon. A huge storm is on it’s way with a tornado warning as well. I hope that Skye, Georgia and Jnr. got away all right this morning for their flight to Cuba.

The storm hit around 11:30 and there is nothing to do now but wait it out. Truth be known I am sort of glad as I am overwhelmingly tired. Maybe just watch some T.V. for a while. Good idea foiled as the storm has knocked out the satellite. Always the radio I guess. I was just enjoying WWOZ when there was a huge clap of thunder overhead and now the radio is knocked out.

The storm finally settled down after 1 P.M. and I went down to the Quartermaster for lunch. Got the Chicken Fried Steak. Bad choice it was horrible. It is still raining but nowhere near as heavy.

For the first time ever I did not go over to the Festival because of the weather. The rain has stopped but from experience I know that there will be a lot of mud around. Still dog tired and I spent most of the day dozing in front of the T.V.

I will be having a big day tomorrow as I have pre-booked a day ticket for the three day crawfish festival. I have not heard from the young’uns so I am assuming they got away o.k.