New Orleans – 2017

May 1st. – Day 28

Well, I mentioned yesterday that a storm hit New Orleans. I knew the rain had been heavy but I am sure I had seen worse over here. Maybe not according to the report in the local paper. A record rainfall in just a few hours.

Up early at 8:15 and down to Belle’s Diner for breakfast. My first choice EnVie’s had a long line of people. 

Got my laundry up to date. Time to check what time I need to leave to got over to the first day of the three day Crawfish Festival at NOLA Brewhouse on Sth. Rampart. So glad I checked my ticket as I have a ticket for tomorrow! Sort of worked out O.K. as to be honest I am still very tired and another day of rest will do me good.

Went out for lunch at Mona’s Middle Eastern Restaurant on Frenchman. Had the Lamb Shish Kebab. Speaking of lamb I have sort of promised William that I will cook them a traditional Lamb Roast. William has never eaten roasted lamb.

Just chilled out watching T.V. I have Direct T.V. on cable. Sort of Foxtel on steroids. Still a lot of crap but also a lot better choice that Foxtel. Especially if you are old like me. Anyone remember the Twilight Zone? I also, finally, got to watch the last Harry Potter film.

Back to the Verti Marte for take-out. Chicken tenders, mashed potato and corn. I can only eat half of it. Left the other half on the kitchen bench to cool down before putting it in the fridge. Before bed I went to put my leftover food away. I was attacked by a giant cockroach. Left over food now in the bin. May have to leave the light on tonight!