New Orleans

Day Seven – April 15th

We are up early today (8 AM) there is a lot of making up to do what with yesterday’s bad weather. Not a cloud in the sky. What a difference a day makes. However, the temperature is forecast to be very un-New Orleans with a maximum of 17 Degree Celsius. We are out at 9:30 for breakfast, too many people waiting at Envies so back to Belle’s diner for pancakes.

Then headed to the Jack Danial’s stage so that Wendy could catch up with Stew and Carol. They had a long chat and we have made plans for dinner Tuesday. We listened to a little of Evan Christopher’s Clarinet Road.

Back over to the Abita Stage for Wendy to meet up again with Jeff and Sherman and we were kindly given an artist’s pass once again. Cullen Landry and the Midnight Street Band are bashing out some traditional New Orleans old school R ‘n’ B. I was standing up on stage when I recognised the legendary singer Al ‘Carnival Time’ Johnson putting on a cape and headdress. He soon joined the band for his classic hits including of course ‘Carnival Time.’ I was so fortunate to be introduced to him when he had finished and of course got a photo taken.

The locals sure are feeling the cold. Must are rugged up as if it was a Melbourne winter. I think I am the only one in a t-shirt. Coats, blankets and the occasional gloves. The breeze coming off the river is cold I must admit.

We headed to the Tropical Island Hand Grenade Stage where Johnny Sansone is due on stage with his band. We got close to the front of the stage and I yelled out to Johnny. He saw me and yelled back, ‘Hey, mate.’ Johnny rocked with his band featuring on guitar John Fohl (toured with Dr John for 10 years). I liked a line in one of the songs, ‘You don’t have to walk the plank on a sinking ship!’

I had been feeling a bit wobbly on my legs, so we decided to sit somewhere for a bite to eat. Sushi in New Orleans, let’s give it a try. I went the fried oyster, spicy crab, avocado with spicy mayo and eel sauce! It was delicious.

Back to the Abita Stage for the final few songs by the Dixie Cups. Next on was Cyril Neville’s Swamp Funk. Any band with a Neville Brother has gotta be good.

At 6 o’clock we headed to the House of Blues Voodoo Lounge for Jonathon ‘Boogie’ Long. I had recommended ‘Boogie’ Long to my Virginian friends and I was glad to see that they came. Wendy seemed to hit it off with Marsha. Marsha is now retired but she had been employed as a teacher for special needs kids the same as Wendy, so they immediately had something in common. We had a good laugh and a few drinks. An older guy from L.A. started talking to me about the Blues. He is a big fan and regularly takes a Blues Cruise out of Florida. He said that he had seen one of ‘our’ bluesmen, Dave Hole and he gave him a good review.

All in all, another great day in New Orleans.