New Orleans

Day 15 – April 23rd


Cara has arrived from Orlando this morning. Tired and hungry. The girls went down to the Clover Grill for Bacon and Eggs. I am going to wait to eat. We have an early lunch lined up with William and Mickey.

Mr B’s is an upscale restaurant on Royal Street, part of the Brennan Group of fine eating houses around New Orleans. I have been here before with William and Mickey, but it will be the first time for the girls. Mr B’s is famous for its BBQ Shrimp. No need for me to look at the menu as that will be my lunch today. It is a messy meal. Fingers required. So messy in fact that the waiter puts a bib around your neck before you dig in. Cara had a cup of Gumbo and Wendy some deep-fried Catfish. I did not make as big a mess as the last time I tackled the BBQ Shrimp. I recall having to clean my glasses that year.  The Brennan Family’s food legacy can be read here, as well as a little bit of history on the family feud.

Wendy and Cara decided to go off shopping and I went back to the apartment.

I got a message from Johnny Sansone late in the afternoon. He said that he was playing a gig in Austin, Texas last night. He ran into some Australians who are heading to N.O. for Jazz Fest. Apparently, they know me, and Johnny told them to look me up. Small world indeed.

The girls return after some six hours, Mickey and I were just about to send out a search party.