Day 23 – May 1st

We are all meeting at Dooky Chase (est. 1941) in the Treme for lunch. Take the time to read about this legendary restaurant where Presidents, celebrities and locals dine as one. This down-home restaurant always rates in the top ten for its Fried Chicken.

The girls and I will walk (under my recommendation and guidance) to Dooky’s as I convinced them it was only a fifteen-minute walk. Oops, that should have been fifteen minutes times two. We got there around 12:15 but was told the first sitting was full and that there would be an hour wait for the next sitting. That’s fine as the food is worth waiting for. In any case, the other WOW crew have not yet arrived. Bernie and Trish arrived as we were sitting in the bar having an icy cold Dixie Beer in a long glass. Al arrived about 10 minutes later looking hot and sweaty from his long walk. He said that an old hooker tried to pick him up on the way. She must have been desperate. We shared another beer and got called into the dining room just after 1. The menu is buffet style. Twenty bucks for a veggie soup, salad and as much red beans and rice, mustard greens, veal grillades, hot sausage, baked macaroni and of course fried chicken as you can eat and followed by a dessert of peach cobbler. I think everyone was impressed with their food.

Cara’s boyfriend (Dowie)is not far out of landing at Louis Armstrong Airport. They have booked an Air ‘n’ B in the Bywater. I just want to check out the location as it is close to the 7th Ward. It looks like an area that is on the up. People are friendly, but I told Cara that I would prefer them not to walk around after dark.

I received a very sad email from a long-term WOW member and good friend that his beautiful wife Jill had passed overnight. Jill had been battling cancer in such a brave and non-complaining manner. Her immune system had been weakened by Chemo and she succumbed quickly to pneumonia. I know that our committee and all our dear members and friends pass on their sincere condolences to Geoff and his family. We may not be able to attend the funeral being on the other side of the world but our thoughts will be there.

Cara messaged us from their apartment to say Dowie has arrived, safe but tired as could be expected.

The WOW boys have decided to meet up at Café Negril at 9 for John Lisi and Delta Funk. We got there in time to watch the last hour of the Four Sidemen of the Apocalypse. You may recall that I have seen the band before and it struck me as how much the sax player and singer (Uncle Bernie) reminded me of Jimi Hocking in looks and his on stage zany banter. I did not mention my observation to anyone else, but Al leaned over and said the same thing. Of course, the band is encouraging people to throw a dollar in the tip bucket. Funny times, as when a dollar was put in the bucket the giver got his/her own fanfare with the promise that the next tipper would get the same fanfare in a different key. The crowd join in on the fun and we went through all twelve keys.

John Lisi came on just after 10. This time he had a different drummer and a crazy guy playing harp and singing going by the name of Moondog. Moondog had various chemical enhancements in his harp case and got crazier as the night went on. John plays to the crowd that is in attendance and at the start of one song I said to Fras that it sounded like a Black Sabbath song. It was (War Pigs) and what a version it turned out to be. Wicked sax and harp playing and some amazing guitar shredding.

A large group of girls came in looking to party. Turns out that one of the girls (Molly) was celebrating her 21st. The legal drinking age here in Louisiana. Well, the band got hold of that fact and burst into a Beatles, New Orleans style ‘You Say It’s Your Birthday’. John and the band worked really hard to keep the music rocking and to ensure that the party girls stayed put and drinking.

The bous insisted on walking me back to my apartment. Maybe under Wendy’s instructions as I do tend to goy walkabout when out on my own. Once we got back it was decided we needed another beer before they called an Uber to go Uptown. Cheryl and Peter were out on the stoop having a red wine. I finished up getting to bed after 2.

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