Willy Tech Boys 

Day 24 – May 2nd.

Cara and Dowie got an Uber over to us around 11:30. Both hungry. We headed to Envies’ where I had a bowl of cheesy grits and sausage gravy. Sort of like porridge on steroids,

We took Dowie for a walk along the river and then called into Café Du Monde for beignets.

Today is the third day of the Central City BBQ Crawfish Festival. We have tickets and got there for the opening at 3 o’clock. Everyone that enters the festival gets an over 21 wristband. I came to the festival last year. The outdoor area has had a lot of work done with more decking, seating and umbrellas. The WOW crew arrived shortly after and so did more and more Aussies. In the end, there was about fifteen of us in own shaded enclave. The music today is the Honey Island Swamp Band and Tab Benoit. Crawfish was on the menu for those enough willing to have a crack. If you did not fancy these extra spicy morsels there were all sorts of BBQ to pick from. I finished up eating two serves or Crawfish over the day. Each serve comes with a big piece of corn and a potato all cooked together with the crawfish and hot spices. It is a very messy eating experience but worth the perseverance.

Wendy has been wanting to get one of her Tab Benoit photos signed which she finally managed to do.

We all had a great time. Music, beer, food and good weather. What else is there to make a perfect day?

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