Day 25 – May 3rd.

Going to be hot again for the start of week two of Jazz Fest. Four days of great music and memories coming up. We got an Uber to the Festival. The bus service (or lack of) has got the better of us.

Tried something different food wise today. Shrimp Yakisoba, Japanese in origin with a New Orleans twist. I am going to research the recipe for back home. Then over to WWOZ for fresh fruit and an iced brew. We finally caught up Jewels (Jewels Blues Explosion and Pearl Janis Joplin show) and Bill who are both in the Melbourne music scene and are a good friend of Elly Mantzaris. We talked for a good half hour about music. Jewels has a lot of music/production friends here in New Orleans.

At 1:30 we headed to the Blues Tent for Toronzo Cannon. I have a couple of his C. D’s and am looking forward to seeing him play live. Cara and Dowie have gone off to do their own music exploring. To my disappointment, it was revealed that Toronzo’s flight was cancelled due to severe weather. He will not be playing. A late replacement is New Orleans Mem Shannon and the Membership. Mem is a mighty fine replacement. Seen him a few times and he put on a great show. Bernie was very impressed.

We headed over to the Fais Do Do to catch up with Stew and Carol. I am feeling really tired today and it is good to find a bit of shade. The Zydeco band the Revellers are playing up a storm. Got me an Indian Taco from the United Houma Nation food stall.

My must-see band today is the Old Crow Medicine Show on the Gentilly Stage. I am prepared to take a hit with the blazing sun to see this fantastic band. They did not disappoint. Sensational. Loved every minute of the show.

I then wanted to wait at the same stage for the Lyle Lovett Big Band. The crowd was getting a little annoyed as for some reason his big band came on stage at 5:35 (start time) but Lyle did not come on until 20 minutes later. Once they finally started it was good. Spoke to a few of the Aussie group who were not that impressed, but I have always loved the big band sound.

Went over and caught the last few songs of the Blind Boys of Alabama. Al came out with tears in his eyes!

The bus trip home was a debacle. No bus for about half an hour so you can imagine how many people were lined up. When the bus did come it was followed immediately by another two. We finally got on board for the snail-paced drive down Esplanade. Today being Thursday was not an overly bust day Jazz Fest wise. Not sure how the RTA will cope Saturday and Sunday.

We got off at Rampart and got an Uber over to the Artisan Bar on Saint Claude. Finally got to meet up with Big Dave (the owner). He was happy to see us which was nice. I went for the Crawfish Alfredo. Now you would think I would have had enough Crawfish yesterday? No there is never enough Crawfish. Must remember to take a handful of gout tablets when I get back to the apartment.

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