Lazy Lester and Kenny Neal

Day 27 – May 4th.

Today I am getting interviewed at the apartment for a documentary about New Orleans music/Jazz Fest. It will be centered around Irma Thomas, Allen Toussaint’s son (Reginald) and Robin Barnes and ask the question about the changing music scene in New Orleans. The Director/Producer is Albert Molten Jnr. I was introduced to Albert at the FQF and for some reason, he thought that I could give an outsider view as to how people on the other side of the world perceive New Orleans and its music. Exciting for me to be involved in a small way. The interview is booked for 3 o’clock which means that I will miss most of day 2 of the festival.

Wendy hitched a ride to the festival with Cheryl and her crew and I did the boring but essential laundry. The weather has become overcast and sticky with rain predicted for Saturday.

I think the interview went o.k. Al posed some tough questions for an hour or so. They may need to add sub-titles when it is aired!

I got an Uber to the festival. It would have been easy to abandon the whole day, but I was determined to see Ruthie Foster close out the day in the Blues Tent. So glad I went as she was fantastic. What a voice.

Pat has been hanging with Wendy and I found them at the end of the day. Cara and Dowie were shell-shocked from yesterday’s bus episode and left early. Wendy has managed to get Aaron Neville to sign a photo as well as Glen David Andrews. She can relax now as ‘mission accomplished’ with all the artist photos that she brought over.

Pat suggested we get a meal at the Red Chinese Bar/Restaurant of St. Claude. We shared the Pork Belly Buns, a Shrimp Fried Rice and a spicy Eggplant dish. On the drive back, we passed a venue that must be hosting some sort of girly show. I spotted a very long-legged young stunning girl in bunny ears and a G-string. Now the meal we just had was tasty and filling but suddenly, I fancied some rabbit.

We were back at the apartment early. A couple of guys out front looking at our boxing kangaroo flag. One guy asked in a distinctive U.K. accent if this apartment was an Australian Community House. I told him it was the Australian New Orleans Consulate. He said he was married to an Aussie from Tassie.

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