Day 28 – May 5th


The weather is threatening today with rain to come after 1 PM. The good news is there will not be a lot of rain and there should be no thunder and lightning.

Went over to the Lagniappe Stage to have a look at Em Sunshine. She is a young slip of a girl aged 14 but has a huge voice and is an exceptional talent. Keep an eye on this young lady as she is going places.

Light rain set in at 12:45 and we sought the shelter of the Blues Tent with Laurie Bell. A great set of Chicago Blues classics and originals.

I saw a t-shirt I liked. ‘There are a lot of places I like, but I like New Orleans better’ – Bob Dylan. That is now my new motto.

The rain let up very quickly. In fact, for New Orleans, you could not even call it rain. Over to the Gentilly Stage for New Orleans rock outfit ‘Better Than Ezra’. The band is celebrating its thirty-year anniversary. They are a crowd favourite. The band’s drummer is Michael Jerome who tours regularly with the legendary guitarist/singer/songwriter Richard Thompson. A couple of years back I had the privilege of showing Richard around Williamstown.

I headed over to the Acura Stage around 3 for the end of Dumstaphunk in anticipation of the next band Cowboy Mouth. Fred LeBlanc always puts on a great show and he and the band did not disappoint. The sun is now peeking out and there should be no more rain for the rest of the day. As Fred said, ‘It is a great day to be alive, in the greatest city in the world, New Orleans Louisiana’. Amen to that.

Seen a flag flying out on the grass area of Acura, Slicky-Palooza. My niece Skye would like that.

I normally choose Abita Amber as my preferred beer, but it is not sold at the Festival. I am starting to get a taste for Coors Banquet. Brewed with Rocky Mountain water since 1873.

I was hanging out to have a listen to Delbert McClinton, he was ok but not as good as I expected.

I headed over to have a listen to the band ‘Cage the Elephant’. They are now one of my new favourite bands. I was very impressed and am glad I took the time to check them out.

I took a tumble off my chair, going back onto the race track sand. Gotta say I did pretty good as I never spilt one drop of beer. A nice looking New Orleanians yummy mummy came to my rescue.

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