On Bourbon

Day 29 – May 6th

No clouds, no rain today for the last day of Jazz Fest 2018. The body is tired but the desire for more music is strong.

We got to the festival early today. Johnny Sansone is opening the Blues tent. Johnny and his band played a great set and really got the audience pumped.

Over to the WWOZ tent for some fruit and finished up having a long chat with Brian Wise around the music scene back home. We both thought that the crowds for Saturday and Sunday are down on what we have seen before. Seems to be more comfortable walking around the track than past years.

Sat out in the sun at the Fais Do Do stage for Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys, another band celebrating a thirty-year anniversary at Jazz Fest.

Went and said hello to Jeff at the Lagniappe and caught the last five songs from a band called the War and Trophy. Another band I had not heard of but blew me away. There is so much good music to be discovered if you go off the beaten path. I saw Al Molten (interview) who told me that he was impressed with our talk and the filming and said that I will be in the documentary.

My must-see artist today is Bill Kirchen. Been hanging for years to see Bill perform. Many of you will know that Bill was a member of the legendary Commander Cody way back in the 60’S. Loved the show, he sang the classic ‘Down to Stems and Seeds’ a fantastic version of Dylan’s ‘TheTimes They Are a Changing’ and he finished the set with ‘Hot Rod Lincoln’.

Saw another Aussie in the crowd Steve Sandri who many readers will know. He had been in South Africa for the Cricket Test Series.

Caught the end of the Radiators set on the Gentilly. The crowd is swelling in anticipation of Steve Miller Band closing out the festival. It is damn hot out here. Listened to an hour of Steve Miller which I enjoyed. Then went over to the end of Buddy Guy in the Blues Tent.

Home for a shower. The WOW crew are booked into the Grape Vine Wine Bar and Bistro. It will be the last time we are all together in New Orleans. Tomorrow Al, Trish and Bernie hit the road for Memphis via Clarkesdale. Fras and Jan are flying out to Sacramento and then into Canada. We are booked for 8:30. Wendy got a call from Fras who said that their Street Car had been in a bingle on Canal Street. The meal was grand. Even had vegetables that had not been deep-fried. Many beers later and we decided to grab some beers and sit out on our stoop and just enjoy New Orleans as a group for a few more hours.

A great day/night. Safe travels to all and we will see ya’ll back in Melbourne

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