Day Two – April 4th

My crib – 1123 Bourbon St.

A great city is one that handles art and garbage equally as well. Bob Talbert

It is going to be a short blog today, read on and all will be revealed.

I woke up at 5:30 feeling refreshed and ready for my first day in New Orleans. There was a lot of rain and thunder overnight. It is still raining this morning. To fill in a few hours before venturing out for breakfast I read the Age and Guardian online. Next was to complete the first day’s blog and let my Facebook friends know that I am in New Orleans.

By 9 o’clock I was hungry. Off I went and upon opening the front door and thought to myself, ‘self it is very dark outside and the street lights are on’. I put that observation down to New Orleans being different from any other city in the States.

I had only walked a few feet and had another thought, ‘it really is dark, like night dark.’ My watch is an old analogue time-piece and as far as it was concerned it was just after 9.

I turned around and head back to my crib and checked the online time. It was 9 pm! I had slept all through Wednesday night and all of Thursday. Never have I done something like this before. I know all you people from my past will put that down to scoring some good weed, but I swear Your Honor (American spelling, I know), it was not like that!

What to do now? I quick trip down to the Quarter Master for a Cheese Burger and fries, breakfast, lunch or dinner, all three I guess? I was telling the grill jockey my story, he laughed, saying, ‘welcome to New Orleans, it don’t matter the time here’.

Went back for a couple of hours of TV. and back in bed by 11 pm.

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