Day Five

Not all chemicals are bad. Without chemicals such as hydrogen and oxygen, for example, there would be no way to make water, a vital ingredient in beer. Dave Barry

I am getting frustrated with all things technological. I can’t get photos off my phone. The WI-Fi is so slow that getting the blog uploaded is taking for ever and my Uber app does not work.

There was a knock at my door mid-morning. I neighbor who I have not met called in to see who was flying the Australia Flag. Turns out she is an ex-pat Aussie who is living a few doors down. She must have been here a considerable time as I did not pick her accent. She introduced me to some other neighbors and has invited me over to her drinking den, the Golden Lantern, which I am sure is a Gay Bar. I asked her where she was originally from? Footscray! Do you believe it. What a small world. When I told her I lived in Spotswood she told me that she has a sister living in Spotswood, off the Avenue!

William came out and we sat on the stoop chatting. As I had not yet eaten I asked William if he wanted to join me for lunch. He suggested we go down to his local bar MRB – Mississippi River Bar on St Philips (the right Saint this time)). William insisted on buying me lunch (Beef Quesadilla) washed down with a coldie. As we walked the streets back home he introduced to some passing people that he knew.

This afternoon, I am off the Tipitinas, one of the best music venues in New Orleans. Every Sunday from 5:30 there is a Fais Do Do featuring the legendary Bruce Daigrepont Cajun Band. As is my won’t I got to the venue at 4:30 only to find out that the doors open at 5 (sound familiar Mr. Smith?) I was quickly informed that there was a drinking hole called Bar 45 exactly ‘290 steps’ from Tipitinas. Off I went for an Abita.

I was back at the venue just after 5 and got me a seat that was close to the bar. Seats were available around the sides walls and down back. Tonight is all about dancing. It is an old crowd and many people seemed to know each other. A guy sat next to me (Bill) he is from Minnesota, and it is his first time in NOLA. Very interesting dude, 54 years of age and retired. He was a programmer with IBM and spent 3 months in war-torn Afghanistan. As he said ‘ I got enough money to travel and do what I want, if I get short of cash I can always go back to programming’. Not sure how, but the conversation got around to Trump. Bill despises him and felt embarrassed that his current President is the laughing stock of the world, a liar, a bigamist, a racist and a narcissist. I couldn’t agree more but then again we have a couple of shit-heads representing Australia on the world stage as well.

A soon as the music started the dance floor was jumping. The dancers never let up. By the way, the first set went for 90 minutes. There was then a short break to allow the dancers to buy some BBQ which was being cooked out on the street. Bill and I spoke for a long-time. He sure has lived an exciting life.

I spotted a guy wearing a red bandanna and he seemed to be showing some of the younger punters how to dance Cajun style. He sort of looked familiar. Then I remembered a few years back when Wendy and I were at the Cajun/Zydeco stage at the French Quarter Fest. I guy with a red bandanna insisted that Wendy get up to dance. When she said, ‘I don’t know who to dance like a Cajun,’ He said, ‘I will teach you.’ Anyway curiosity got the better of me and I spoke to him to see if they could be one in the same? Yep, it was the same dude.

Time to leave, guess what it is pissing down again. The Uber app is still not connecting. Being the forward planner that I am I have saved the number for United Cabs. The cab only took 5 minutes to reach me and I was on my way home after another music night in the Crescent City.

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