The Last Hurrah – April 7th, 2023 to May 12th.

A Little Teaser

I got the key to the highway, and I’m billed out and bound to go I’m gonna leave here runnin’ ’cause walkin’ is most too slow. —Big Bill Broonzy, “Key To The Highway,” 1941

And so it will begin. The Last Hurrah. A five-week trip back to America however this time around it will not be just to New Orleans. My traveling buddies will be Hoff, Bernie, and Wendy. Our trip begins April 7th (Good Friday) with a short flight to Sydney and then on to L.A. airport. We will be picking up a hire car and then starting a road trip to Riverside (about an hour’s drive) where we will stop for a bite to eat and hopefully source a SIM card for our phones. I am sure we will be tired but we plan to have a look around Riverside before we head to the Joshua Tree for a couple of nights. So if you want to be part of the adventure make sure you check out this Word Press website. There will be lots of photos (Wendy) and as an added bonus Hoff and Bernie will also be writing about the food we will be enjoying as we travel through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana