Day Ten – Santa Fe – Nashville

I’m wild about my ’tootie, only thing I crave Sweet patootie, gonna carry me to my grave. —Blind Blake, “Tootie Blues,” 1928

Road Trip and Two Plane Trips

We are up early again 5 AM to get on the road for the 60-mile drive to Albuquerque Airport. It is still dark and very cold. Uneventful road trip and we find the Alamo Car Hire drop-off point with minimal fuss. It is only three degrees as we wait for the shuttle bus to take us to the airport. Our destination is Houston where we will pick up another flight to Nashville. The flight to Houston is a little over two hours. Our flight attendant is very funny over the microphone. All her instructions rhyme as she raps out the safety procedures. We make Houston and lose an hour crossing a timeline Our flight to Nashville is already boarding, or so we thought. We are told that the plane has a hydraulic problem and to go back to the lounge area and wait for an announcement. Turns out to be a good thing as we have not yet eaten. The delay is just over two hours. Not too bad.

We landed in Nashville just after 5. Now let us hope our baggage also made the trip. It did however, the carousel broke down and Wendy’s case is in the jam and it takes 20 minutes before we can get her suitcase.

Our cab driver is a wisened old gentleman who can barely see above the dashboard. He is very chatty and tells us he has lived in Nashville for forty-five years after moving from the small Central American country, Belize. He gives us a few tips and tells us that our Air BnB is in a safe location. Although in the past it was a bit of a ghetto, now it is all cleaned up. Our Air BnB is a fantastic new two-story apartment with a rooftop entertainment area. Bernie and I will have to be careful on the stairs.

We decided to go down to the main Honky Tonk and tourist area called Broadway. The street is buzzing with people who have had a very lubricated afternoon of music and booze. Police are everywhere with 6 police cars lined up. Broadway reminds me a little of New Orlean’s Bourbon St. Every second pub has a band playing some good ol’ country tunes. I have already heard Sweet Home Alabama, and The Devil Went Down to Georgia. We had a bit of a wander around and found the words famous Ryman Theatre. We lowered the standard of our food selection and went to the Assembly Food Hall for dinner. Once back out on the street I was again reminded a little of Bourbon St and figured that the busiest days for partying are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday arvos. The wind is whistling like Collins Street, Melbourne on a Winter’s day.

Tonight was about getting the lay of the land so to speak. Hoff googled up a Supermarket and we picked up some supplies. I tried to talk Bernie into buying a brown milk stout, peanut butter flavored but he balked at the idea, Wendy found me an English-style Apple Cider made here in Nashville, Diskin Cider (Bob’s Your Uncle). The cider is in an English Pint sized can. Cider is my drink of choice these days, I haven’t had a beer for over six months.