Day Six – New York to Orlando

April Fool’s day and I sure feel like one. What was I thinking last night? Not a good idea to have way to many pints of Guinness when you have to get up at 5A.M. the next morning for a flight. I hope I don’t get breath tested at check-in. It is only a two and a half hour flight but it felt like another long haul.

Once we landed in Orlando and collected our luggage our next job was to find the Disney Magic Shuttle Bus for our drive to the Disney Resort, which will be home for the next 5 days. Wendy has booked us in to the All-stars Music Resort. Our block is on Broadway and Times Square which is appropriate seeing we have just come from the big apple. Check in is easy and each us get an electronic wrist band which serves as a key to our room as well as being used to access the theme parks. I also had my credit card details stored on the wrist band. Whenever you need to buy food or merchandise the wrist band is used for the purchase. Disney World became a cashless world.

It is only just gone past 11 and before we went to our room we grabbed a bite to eat. The girls are going to head out to Magic Kingdom Land. Me I am just going to catch up on blog writing and chill watching some baseball. Everything is so organised. To get to Magic Kingdom Land the girls catch the designated shuttle out front of our resort. Magic Kingdom Land is open until midnight and the girls don’t get back to 1A.M. They had a great time and Wendy has some sensational photos of the parades and fire-works. Kate said her mum is a wimp when it comes to the rides, especially any sort of roller coaster. She did manage a couple of the kiddie rides though. Kate has now been called Elsa from the movie Frozen on a dozen occasions. Little kids call out, ‘hey mum, there is Elsa.’ Even one of the movie ushers called to her saying ‘come on in Elsa’. I must admit that when she has braided her hair then there is more that a passing resemblance.

I headed out around 6ish for tea. Roast turkey, mashed potatoes and corn. Pretty good.

Tomorrow after resting up I will be ready to hit my first theme park. Animal Kingdom.


Rob Rowe

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