Day Seven – Animal Kingdom

We all slept in until 10. Waffles and bacon and iced coffee for breakfast. The girls had pre-purchased all their day passes for the different Disney worlds before leaving Oz. Me I was playing it by ear and have decided to purchase a two day pass. The first for today’s adventure to the Animal Kingdom. We line up out front for our shuttle bus in the designated area for Animal Kingdom. We don’t have to wait long before the bus arrives for the short 10 minute drive. It is warm and humid but bearable.

Animal Kingdom is a zoo of sorts with each area themed. African, Asian, Discovery (conservation) and Dino Land. It is very well set out and built to resemble the type of area you are in. For example the African area is built to resemble an African Village with its own working train station. The food in this area is also African based. Lot of people around and I have just worked out it is spring break.

We lined up for the African Safari (sort of Werribee Zoo) but much better. There is a 50 minute wait but the line moves quickly and we are in a shaded area. It gave me a chance also to edit the previous days blog. Again carrying a tablet makes more sense than a heavy laptop. Not long and we are in the safari bus with Chelsea our driver for the 25 minute ride. You get up close and personal to many of Africa’s best known animals.
We then had a walk through the rain forest and after that caught the train over to Discovery Island. Lunch in the African Village, curried chicken and African spices with jasmine rice and flat bread. While we ate a Swahili band played some fine music.

We then went over to the Asian area. Again all the buildings and displays plus food is matched to various Asian countries. One of the highlights of this area is Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain which features a roller coaster ride to the top of Mt Everest. The line for this ride has a wait time of 35 minutes. Kate is real keen to have a go and Wendy is a definite no starter. That just leaves me and I bravely said yes. Again the line moves quickly and we are in shade. Just before you enter the ride area we go through the Yeti Museum which is pretty cool. There is a lot of Tibetan artifacts as well as stories of the Yeti legend.

No turning back now as I am locked into my seat for the ride. I know that we will be making a very steep climb and then a massive drop. What I didn’t know  was that we also do a lot of very fast backward movements in total darkness with ridiculous bends. Again what was I thinking! I toughed it out though and held my nerve. Even Kate said it was scarier than she imagined!  Of course as soon as you finish the ride you can buy a photo to remember the few minutes you just had of terror. I used my wrist band to purchase our photo but my hand was shaking so much it took me a long time to enter my four digit pin.
We then wandered over to Dinoland USA where Kate got some chicken nuggets. I saw a cool t-shirt that is perfect for Cara (Cara, you will have to wait until we get home) By this time is was close to 7 P.M. and I am dog tired (animal kingdom reference)and it is time to head home for a refreshing shower.


Rob Rowe

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