Day Eight – Laundry & Hard Rock Cafe

The girls are out early today to go to the Epcot theme park which is a representation of the worlds flora. I know tonight is going to be a late one so I volunteered to stay back and catch up on all our laundry. I have instructions about whites and coloureds but ignore them completely. There is a fully equipped modern laundry not far form our apartment block. Well it would be fully equipped if the in-house computer was working. I kind lady told me that out of 20 machines only two of the coin operated machines were functioning. The rest are linked to a card swipe system and that is off-line. She said her machine has 20 minutes to run. No worries, I went to change some notes to quarters and the same lady said that was not working either. I took a stroll down to the reception area to get the required $2.50 worth of quarters.

Back at the laundry and the kind lady that has helped out introduces herself as Penny and her husband is Tim. They are at a guess in their mid 50’s and are from Ohio. They have bought their two grandchildren on vacation  with them, both girls under 10. Penny told me that the kids have been living with them for the last four years as their parents, in her words, ‘did a bad thing’. I decide not to go there. Anyway they are both real nice people and we have a great time laughing and talking about our respective countries. After my laundry duties I just chilled out waiting for the girls to get back.

Tonight we are off to see the band Taking Back Sunday at the Hard Rock Cafe. Kate booked tickets on-line before we left Oz. They are one of her favourite bands and she was very excited to find out that they were playing when we were in town. The Hard Rock Cafe is situated in the area know as Downtown Disney which is not  a theme park as such but instead a great shopping area, restaurants and play areas. About 30 minutes by shuttle bus from our place. The area is located around a large lake and is incredibly scenic. The doors for the show open at 6 with the first of three bands starting at 7. Kate is very much like me as she is having a mild panic attack as we are going to be about 5 minutes late.

When we arrived and picked up our tickets at the booth you then had to show a photo ID to get in. I didn’t have one and the door guy asked his supervisor if I could be let in. He looked at me and said he more than qualifies, age wise.

We found a spot where Wendy and I could lean and watch the mosh pit in action. Kate is sure to be in amongst it when TBS are playing. I went and got us some drinks. I tried out a Florida Cracker which is a white ale, not bad at all. The first band are a young group by the name of ‘You Blew It’ and there is a lot of local support from the home town crowd. Second up was the Mezingers (spelled correctly for all you proof readers) who I really liked. I think I am the only 60 year old in the house that is sporting a Micky Mouse electronic bracelet!

The drum riser for TBS is a good four feet off the stage. When TBS start playing the light show is spectacular and the drummer looks if he is floating in space. Kate left our position after the first song to get up front and personal. From the first song everyone is singing, that is apart from Wendy and I. I wish I did know the words to the bands songs as they were fantastic. From the first note of each song there are screams of recognition. The singer reminded me a little of Jim Morrison with his strong stage presence and movements. Crowd surfers are up and about. Maybe that is something we could instigate at WOW. We could just pass our Zimmer frames overhead. I looked around the crowd and all the punters are singing every word of every song at the top of their lungs. Kate arrived back after the show had finished to tell us that it was the most polite mosh pit she has every been in. ‘They didn’t even push and shove!’

We had a terrific night. God knows that I have been dragging Kate and Cara to blues shows and festivals since they were born. I am now real glad to have gone along with Kate to dig her music.
We got out of the show around 11ish and the Downtown area looks spectacular at night. We were back at our resort around midnight. It sure was good to get to hear some real good live music.


The Disney All Stars Music Resort

Rob Rowe

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