Day Nine – Hollywood Studios

The girls have weakened. They can’t handle bacon every day and have now opened one of the tubes of Vegemite I was carrying as gifts for my friends in New Orleans.

It only took 15 minutes on the shuttle bus to get to the park. Everything is so well organised that getting from resort to park and vice-versa is a breeze.
Being a holiday weekend there are a lot of people about but walking around is not to bad. We went into the Star Wars adventure. One of those 3d, get strapped in simulations where you know you are not moving but is sure feels like you are. I actually felt a little nauseous and was glad when we got out. Next up we hit a large theatre for the Muppet studio 3d show. What a hoot, with the old grumpy guys sitting up in the balcony with their corny jokes and Miss Piggy right in your face. Next up we went to the ‘Frozen’ sing-along stage production. I have not seen the animated film but I must be the only one. Kate is singing along at the top of her lungs. We then went and had a look at the extreme stunt driving show. Reminded me of the car park clearing out after a WOW Sunday arvo gig.

Lunch time and I had a turkey and cheese toasted sanga and Wendy and I have a frozen margarita. Pretty hot out in the sun. The theme parks are very civilised in that you can carry your alcoholic beverage around with you.

We next had a look around the Walt Disney museum and viewed a 20 minute film of his life. The man was a genius.
The Indian Jones show was pretty good, lots of spectacular stunts.

We left about 4:45 and got a shuttle back to Downtown Disney. Last night we were rushed with having to get to the House of Blues ( I thik I called it the Hard Rock in my last blog). We wanted to spend some more time exploring what Downtown had to offer. It was great to stroll around and enjoy the sights. Outdoor music performances, restaurants and stores of all descriptions. Kate purchased three prints from an artists co-op and she was served by an exchange student from Brisbane. I went into the Harley Davidson store to check out the merch. Looking for something to wear when I get on my machine back home. The gear was all a little tame for me. I talked the girls into buying some ice-cream from Ghirardelli, a chocolate store of the highest quality. I remember my trip to Chicago with Herbie, Brocko and Golly and how good the sundaes were there.
We got back to our resort around 9ish. Wendy has been averaging some 17,000 steps a day according to her wrist band thingy. No wonder my feet ache each night.

Tomorrow we leave for Universal Studios where we are staying at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort.

Rob Rowe

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